5 things that piss me off

This post will proberly be the bitchiest post ill ever right so get ready for ultimate sass.

Im all about being a little sassy bitch, if you know me you know that there’s two bitchiness levels for me, one being actually mean and incredibly rude insults and two being the more friendly, sassy and savage bitch.

I haven’t even introduced what im doing yet, well im going to be pointing out what pisses me right off and throwing in a bit of shade and savageness.


1. When stupid ass bitches take up the whole corridor and when you try and get past just walk into you.. They don’t even see me most of the time. I get that you cant hear me coming and you’re a oblivious bitch but at least fucking check that someone not coming before you start twerking in the corridor.. Bitch, no one wants to see your flat ass.

2. One thing I hate more than anything is when someone doesn’t close the door behind them.. I hate you if you do that. If you fucking opened it and them you leave… CLOSE IT! Don’t tell me to close it when you opened it, asshole. My sister does this all the time that I actually have to get angry and shout at her to close it, if she doesn’t.. she better run. It pisses me off soo much.

3. When someone walks so fucking slow and they don’t leave any room so you can go past them.. I don’t mind if its the elderly or disabled, ill gladly wait but when inconsiderate teenagers or small bratty kids do it.. I’ll motherfucking slap you. If you are taking soo long and I have lost my patience I will push past you and I couldn’t give less of a crap.

4. When some I care deeply about doesn’t tell me what’s wrong. Lately this year Im all about making people smile, laugh or just happy and when someone I absolutely adore isn’t okay, I devote all my love and attention to them but when they keep it in, I tend to get a little annoyed because I want to help them but I cant if I don’t know what’s wrong. This doesn’t piss me off too much, it more frustrates me.. Also pisses me off when someone gives up on me but there’s nothing I can do about that.

5. The ultimate one..the last one.. People who lie. Yes all of us lie like “I definitely didn’t eat the last Oreo” but the people who lie about things that are related to mental health and serious things.. Viola knows exactly who im talking about.. Yes Viola.. Her. I shake my head at all the people that do that.

Im 99% sure I pissed a lot of people off but deal with it bitches. Yes this is the side you rarely see and maybe you hate me now but guess what.. I dont care. My blog, my rules bitch.


Anonymous blogger signing out xxx

Things on my mind

Hey guys! Let’s get really deep and talk about weight. This could possibly be a trigger to anyone who is or has struggled with their weight, if that applies to you then I encourage you not to read this.

The reason I want to talk about weight is because I do get insecure about my weight. If you don’t know, I went though a period where I hardly ate anything.. Well I’ve been like this for years but only started noticing this year.
The amount of times people have commented on how my body looks is ridiculous.

I over hears this one guy say to his friend “Take the piss out of something that they can’t help” which he was referring to height.. I could easily kick you in the balls so do even try and make that joke with me.

Anyway, at the time people would comment on how skinny I am and that I never eat. The thing is they only say it because I NEVER eat in front of people, very few friends have seen me eat. It makes me uncomfortable to eat in front of anyone, they generally look at me because they’ve never seen me eat before.

Earlier today I was just leaning back on my chair and I realised how around my waist, my trousers didn’t fit as well as they did before… Hold on ill check the size.. They are a size 8. I might need to change into something that fits better. I can still fit into my Year 6 Leavers shirt.. Its a bloody size 10-11. Im not saying being like this is a bad thing, its just not good either.

“You’re so skinny” “You’re the perfect height and weight” “Wow.. You don’t weigh much”
“She’s anorexic”
.. Bitch, no I’m not. I have grown to like my weight, hell yes im small and I can fit into things you can’t.

Okay, im going to talk about something I’ve talked about before but I want to touch on it again which actually makes me nervous too…
I’m pretty comfortable talking about boobs,bras and all that stuff but if you have been here for a while, you know I never was. In school, people would constantly comment on them to the point it made me cry one day.
My asshole ex ex boyfriend even took the piss out of me.. He also asked once to tell me when im on my period so he can avoid me..umm.. Okay then. To be honest he was a bad boyfriend in everyway possible.

I do like my body now, I may not love it but Im not that girl anymore who would cry about it. Im not that girl who will take anymore bullshit from anyone who has a problem with how I look.. You can shove your opinion up your ass. I will get sassy about it.. Ill click my fingers all I want bitch..

While were at it, fuck my negative emotions too. My stupid fucking brain takes over my happiness and its about time it stops. I will be happy.. FUCK YOU BRAIN.. I encourage anyone who doesn’t feel okay with themselves to speak up.
After years of telling myself everything bad, I will finally say that Im happy with how I look and how I feel, if I want to feel like sassy little biatch then I will”

So long as I keep loving myself I will be happy.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx

Rant Post – Trigger Warning

Sometimes everything goes to shit… “But why would things go to shit, your life is good” Yes, some aspects of my life is really good. I’ve got an amazing boyfriend, I have an absolutely gorgeous bestfriend but not everything is always good.

Sometimes I lay in bed and think “What’s the point of life? .. just give up” I think a lot. I go back to the past and realise how my mental health was okay but the rest isn’t but now.. My mental health is shit and the rest is okay.
I know, I talk about my mental health a lot but it affects me on a daily basis and I always feel weak because of it. I feel helpless.. Counselling doesn’t do shit, its making things worse. They’re making me feel like its all my fault for being this way.. I don’t really want to see them anymore,  I might regret it but next time I’ll tell them I don’t want it anymore.

Can you see how crap I feel? I just want to scream, scream in the middle of no where.. Get all my anger out.
I just want to feel okay again, I want to be that girl who always smiled even through bad times.. Im never going to get that again.

Sometimes I genuinely think about killing myself.. I know”Don’t do it, you have so much to live for. Think about the people who will be affected by it”. That’s just basically telling me to live for other people and live an unhappy life.
Im going to have to put a trigger warning.

If you know me, you know I hate crying. I don’t want people to see my crying or to know im crying unless its my really close friends but this year overall.. I’ve cried.. A lot.
I kind of feel like crying is good now, I do feel like crying does take some anger and stress out of me but I always hide myself away when I’m crying or have cried because on me it is painfully obvious if im sad. My eyes go green and I am very quiet.. Im normally a crazy, doesn’t shut up kind of person so when im quiet people do ask me if something is wrong and there proberly is.

I don’t know what happened to me, I’ve lost myself.. I’ve lost that person who never cried, and didn’t really have emotions. Now, I have too many emotions that I let anything get to me.. Then I cry about it..

Can you tell I hate how my brain works now? Why do I care about things now?! Why cant I go back to this emotionless bitch?!

Im not quite sure I want to go back to being emotionless. I care so much about people and I love making people happy. It brings me so much joy to see someone smile and think “I did that, I made them smile” then I smile because I realise what I did.
Im very understanding. You don’t need to say sorry to me, ill proberly tell you that there’s no need to say sorry and go on about what you did wasn’t bad.. I guess im a good person.
I used to be the total opposite, yes I have that spark in me still. I can be an absolute savage and bitch but only if someone has done something that’s hurt someone I love then I want to murder the person. I will get extremely angry.. Like really angry.

I just don’t understand why im like this now.. Im becoming an adult 😂 Yeah right. Im still an immature 16 year old.

I will go now because im proberly triggering everyone right now.

Thank you for sticking around till the end. I know this is a really long, depressing post but this is what I think about a lot.

See you guys soon, maybe a cover will be next..

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


Two years..

Tuesday 17th March 2015. I started my blog. I started my blog TWO YEARS TODAY! TWO FREAKIN YEARS!
Oh my god, im so surprised I’ve kept it up this long, yes there have been times I’ve wanted to quit but I never did… And I’m so glad that I didn’t give up.

When I look on my blog, I see so many memories.. The breakups, the arguments and the happy times. You’ve seen me at my best and my worst, I’m grateful for all of you to be here.

I feel like you’re all my close friends, you’ve stuck with me through everything and cheered me up when im not okay.. And of course their are people I’ve met that I couldn’t imagine my life without, If I never started blogging these people would of been strangers to me.. That’s so weird to think about. I could of never met the most important people in my life if I never started..Wow.. Blogging has changed my life.. For the better.

I love that I can share my thoughts and feelings without feeling judged, or ashamed of what I feel.

I tell you guys most things, I tell my blogging friends a lot of things I don’t even say on here.. I genuinely trust these people.

For a while I’ve been thinking about what to do for this 2 year mark.. After a lot of thought (very much thought) I genuinely might regret this but.. Seriously why am I about to say this?! I could put up a video of me singing.. Oh god. Just to let you know I NEVER sing in front of anyone. Sav hasn’t even heard me sing yet so consider yourself lucky.

Im going to regret posting this but life’s about taking risks.. I’ll try to do it.

Right, im going to go before my mental health gets worse..

Thank you for being there for me, I love you all.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx

I fell in love

I fell in love. Really blunt and right to the point but I am.. I’m in love.
He’s amazing,smart,funny and absolutely gorgeous… And you might just know him.

Its crazy to think I used to live my life without him, but now.. I can’t imagine it without him. All he does is bring out the best in me, he makes me smile, laugh and just so happy.. No one has made me feel this way before, and now that he’s in my life.. I couldn’t be happier.

Im happy because of him, everything he does makes me smile.. I really can’t put into words how much I love him, I could write about everything I love about him but its easier to say.. Everything. I love everything about him. The way he smiles, the way he laughs, even the fact he says like all the time..

He treats me like I’m worth something, and to him I do.. Everyday I smile, I smile so much that my jaw aches..I smile at the fact that he’s mine..

Im so proud to call him mine, I’m so proud to call him my boyfriend.. I’ve wanted to write this for so long, I’ve wanted to shout it to the world.. Let out the fact that im in love.. Im in love with him. No one compares to him, no one could ever compare to him.

I love the fact that he loves me, I love the fact that he is mine. That boy is mine, it makes me smile to say that.

That gorgeous boy is mine.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Whose the girl behind the blog?

I want to talk about me. Not blog me.. The girl behind the blog.
This is post was inspired by the oh so fabulous Elm! Check out her post before you read mine, I’ll leave a link to her blog at the end of the post.

So.. Whose the girl behind the blog? Only a few knows the real me and im okay with that. I knew I couldn’t keep my identity secret forever, I’d eventually share who I am with some bloggers and in some cases I revealed who I am on the first conversation. Stupid? No. I must trust you a hell of a lot to show you who I am and to reveal my name which FYI – My name is borderline boring.

The girl behind the blog is a girl that is normal.. Says the girl who on the phone makes really weird sounds.. Okay im not quits normal but I do have feelings and emotions.. Some really great and some not so much. I can be annoying, I like to sing, I like to be silly and im a normal teenager but im the teenager with a secret blog.

This blog is and will always be a part of me, it has helped me make so many amazing friends, I bond with bloggers who I would of never of met if it wasn’t for blogging.. And those bloggers know the real me. They don’t think of me as A, they know me as my real name and I love that.
Most of the friends I’ve made are anonymous and we connected over that.. Im not just a teenage blogger, im a crazy strange person when im not blogging I live a normal life..

If you knew me as my real name would you think of me still as a blogger or just human? If that makes any sense.

I hope you enjoyed this post, definitely check out Elm’s post, she explained it better than me.

Elm : http://www.justelm.wordpress.com

See you soon with another post.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


Hello everyone, because im sleep deprived and was incredibly bored I looked back through my old posts and realised… I haven’t done a storytime in so long, I love sharing embarrassing, idiotic or just plain weird moments in my life.

Today I thought I would share quite a few stories, mostly embarrassing because im awkward af.

If you know me, you will know im an absolute biatch.. And I have a tendency to roast people when they flirt with me… I know its weird.. Well if its anyone I don’t particularly have an interest in I’ll get sassy and tell them to shove it up their ass.. I don’t know why im like this.
Now, im quite stupid.. When I was in school there was this guy, ill call him Weedy.. He was getting a bit.. flirty, and calling me ‘adorable’. I was like “Bitch, you stupid”.. I’m the least adorable thing you will ever come across. If you somehow see me in real life, you would be like “..The fuck..that thing is far from adorable”.. I know, I know.
Anyway, he just kept on complimenting me and I was like “Nooo, just no” and he would keep telling me I am.. I would get so awkward that I’d leave mid conversation because that biatch was lying to my face.. Im also 95% he was stoned.. Explains a lot.
He also said on a separate occasion that he would do something with me.. Umm anyway, he was so weird and glad I rarely see him.. When I do its normally he would somehow annoy me. Also take note, he’s wayyy taller than me so he seemed intimidating which all my friends knew he was a big softie…that sounds weird.
Im just very awkward around guys, the amount of times me and Viola would walk past a really attractive guy.. And we decide to embarrass ourselves by making really weird noises and faces or saying something that could be taken wayy out of context.. I’ll never learn.

I just embarrass myself easily.. Doesn’t help im accident prone, I’ll trip over nothing. Its embarrassing especially in front of someone.

I hope you enjoyed these stories, I should do more, more often.

I love you all ❤

Anonymous blogger,signing out xxx

Roast me..

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog!
Let me introduce myself… Im A (other name if you know my real name, which is actually a few of you).
Lets talk about my anonymity for a bit. Im anonymous, if its not obvious enough. I suck at being anonymous, quite a few of you know what I look like and my real name.. Im not naming any blogger who know.
Im not going to suddenly start showing my face on this blog because I don’t have the confidence and because if my parents found out id actually cringe at the thought they read my posts.
Im a teenager, I want to be independent on this blog, I am pretty independent already but this is my blog and id rather not have help. Knowing my parents they would treat it as “Lets get you more followers” which is borderline stupid. Im so not interested in gaining followers, it’s nice to see that people read my posts but I don’t write to become a huge millions of followers blogger.
I purely do it to share my thoughts, chat with you all and make some amazing friends which I have.
All the friends I’ve made in here are literally so amazing, we all support each other whilst driving each other crazy (I may or may not be directing that to someone).
I love the friends I’ve made on here, of course their are some bloggers im not so keen on but im sure ever blogger is like that.
Talking about hate. I would so love to do one of those reacting to hate comments but unlikely (luckily actually) I don’t get any hate.. wouldn’t it be cool if you all tried to roast me and I reacted to it.. Firstly that would be an interesting post.. Okay lets do that.
Either put it in the comments, message me it or ask a friend who somehow knows me to send it in. I would seriously love to see how you guys roast me.. Be as funny and bitchy as you want..

I proberly have had some hate in the past but I cant find it so its now up to you to be as savage as you want towards me.. Im excited.. To get roasted? Yes bitch I am.

Have fun roasting me, ill be laughing more than anything.

Im going to end this post before I start rambling some more.

See you soon.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

I love them

There are people in my life I absolutely adore, I will always love them no matter what..and I hope they feel the same.
I talk to people I could never imagine my life without, they bring happiness. I smile everyday because of them.

But, of course if I narrowed it down. I could pick one person. This person is my happiness, the reason I smile, the reason I live.
Of course I could go on forever why I love this person, I could list every reason which it would be easier to just say… I love everything about this person.

I smile everyday. Every hour. Every minute…every second..

Im happy. Ill always be happy because of them.

I love them.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xx

I’ve learned to love myself

Right listen. As you may know I have some mental health issues and that’s not going to change. One thing I do is just bring myself down, forget other bitches putting me down I already do that myself.
Most of you literally have no clue what I look like, and its best you don’t find out. (You see what I mean?!) But I do it because of some literal assholes always told me I was “You’re ugly” “Im surprised you even have a boyfriend” Bitch.. 😐

Its about time I stop listening to that little fucker in my brain and tell myself “Yeah you are mighty fine” and “I look quite good today” instead of “Ew, you look disgusting”. I should take compliments instead of arguing the fact that they’re wrong.
What do I like about myself? I like that my eyes go blue when im really happy. I like that im really happy all the time. I like that I care so much for people. I like all of me. I like my extremely attractive double chins. I like..just me. I want to be happy with my face and say “Yes bitch, you look amazing today”.
Yesterday, I looked in the mirror and cried because my brain was telling me everything wrong with me. The only thing wrong with me is my brain.
Maybe I will stop cutting. Maybe you will see happier posts. Maybe I will be okay.

And you know what, I am good looking. I like my face, that is one fucking attractive face.
And my body.. I like that im small. Bitch, I make anything look good.

I am learning to love myself. Everyday I used to wake up and the first thing I would do is my makeup because not having makeup on made me feel insecure. But now, I actually go out without makeup, if anyone wants to judge then do that all you want but I know I look fucking fantastic.
I can show people what im like with no makeup on and if im honest its not that much different from me with makeup.

I will start saying to myself that I am worth it and I deserve happiness instead of crying and self harming and then crying because I instantly regretted it.

I deserve someone who loves me, I deserve to have that giant smile on my face, I deserve to laugh. I deserve to live a happy life.

Ill smile everyday because I love who I am, instead of wanting to change so someone will at least find me a bit attractive.

This goes for guys as well. Us girls don’t just have problems. You guys rock!

We all deserve to smile. I hope you take inspiration from this post to see the good in you.
I want you all to write something in the comments what you love about yourself.
One thing I love about all of you is that you exist. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t have you.

I love you all very much, and ill see you soon with another post about how fucking awesome I am (Maybe not but ill for sure be as happy)

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx