Rant/Life Update

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog!
Lets just talk. You and me. So, how are you? Are you happy? Are things a bit crap at the moment?

Me? Well im great. Except my sleeping pattern is absolutely screwed up. Ill go to sleep at 6:30 am and wake up at 3pm.
Fun fact : I just woke up.
Ill do that thing where I wake up again..and again..and again. But then fall asleep straight afterwards. But I need to fall asleep early today, at around 9-10pm because im meeting with my best friend tomorrow.
I said I wanted to go running, which I wasn’t joking about.
Im absolutely fine with my weight, but I have no.. How do I say it.. Basically im very weak. Well kinda.
Having no exercise is pretty bad for you, and I do want to change that but Ill look stupid if I do it alone, so im bringing Viola as well.

What else can I tell you all? Um.. My hairs kinda fading out but last night I had a dream that my hair had patches of blue and purple, which were what I wanted to dye my hair. When this pink faded out, ill definitely dye it to blue. It will fade to a green but I like green so im okay with that.

I haven’t been outside in quite a long time. Last Thursday was the last time I stepped foot outside. The weather has been so cold and just not nice, but today we’ve got a blue sky 🙆
Feels like forever since we’ve seen that, I kind of am looking forward to the summer because that’s when it gets so relaxing with the barbeques and the ice creams which I live for.

However, I do love winter as well. You don’t need to go outside so you can stay in with your hot chocolate screaming Christmas songs while the radiators are turned on.. I love heat! However, I feel the worst way to go is to be burned alive.

(I hear a toddler crying/whining outside) Wait.. now he’s talking really loud.. I can still hear him.
By the way, I know its a boy because it isn’t that high pitched and doesn’t sound like a boy but I know its a toddler because its making annoying sounds.
For all I know it could be my 18 year old brother who is literally the worst human on earth. I have a lot of hatred towards my brother.
1) He shouts all the time. Not always to the rest of the family but to online people over fifa.. He’s shouting all through the night.
2) You know how guys sweat a lot. Well he constantly smells of B.O and its disgusting. No joke,I hold my breathe when he walks past which is hardly ever because he doesn’t move.
3) He pushes me, punches me. Causes me some kind of pain just because I was there. I could be helping my mother pack away shopping and he would knee me in the back.

Well, I think that rant/life update is coming to an end. Im not sure what ill title this post.. Maybe what I just said ‘Rant/Life Update’.
Im going to eat healthy now.. Wish me luck with that, it usually doesn’t go well.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx

Bloggers Interview – Viola!

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog! Today is another bloggers interview but this week is a very special guest im proud to introduce…. By Best Friend! Viola (aka – thechicwiththebluehair)

I love this girl to death and thought it was about time she comes on my blog again.
As always all her social medias are at the end of the post.

Lets begin..

Me : Okay you little biatch. There are five questions are the first one is : When did you start your blog and why?

Viola : I started blogging March last year, so I’ve been blogging for 11 months now. And I started blogging because my best friend Annoymousblog was telling me how much she loved blogging, so I thought I’d have a go. I’d thought about blogging a couple times before but you really influenced me to start one and I’m glad I did.

Me :  💙 What is you’re ultimate aim for blogging?

Viola : I didn’t really have an aim at first, but now I think my aim is to share my thoughts and feelings with people, to make friends and for people to enjoy reading my blogs and find them entertaining. It really means a lot to me when people take time out of their day to read my posts and actually enjoy my writing.

Me : Who do think you are closest to in the blogging community?

Viola : Oh definitely Annoymousblog. I’ve never been as close to anyone ever in my life. I always look forward to reading your posts and we have such good laughs.

Me : What age do you think you would retire blogging?

Viola : I hope to be still blogging when I’m 18/19. Once I’ll get there it depends if I decide to go one or not. I can’t say for sure what age I’ll retire, but I’ll definitely like to blog for a few years to come.

Me : What will you be doing for your blogs birthday? This is the last question.

Viola : To be honest, I haven’t really thought about that too much. I should be planning it because it’s next month, but it’ll be something special for the occasion. Possibly a q&a, a video or voice record maybe, but either way I’ll be celebrating 1 year of blogging with a smile on my face.

And that is the interview over. Definitely check out her blog, she’s literally my favourite person in the world 💙

Here’s her social medias :
Blog : http://www.thechicwithbluehair.wordpress.com
Twitter : @thechicwithbluehair

Thank you all for reading, check out my gorgeous best friend’s blog. I highly recommend it.

See you all soon.

Anonymous blogger signing out XXX

This year..

This year has literally been the worst year of my life.. And its not even over yet. Its only February and I have been the lowest I’ve ever been.

And I don’t think 2017 is going to get any better.

At the start of January, I made a change with my blog and myself. My blog got redesigned and I changed my hair. I felt like this year was going to be a good year. And it was up until 1/4 though January when my mental health went down hill. And its been a rollercoaster ever since.

I took a day of college because it was too much. I hated how I looked and that was sparking a depressing stage in my life.

Now one thing you might want to know about me is I’ve always 100% throughout my life always felt ugly. One relationship I was in, he got bullied because he was dating me and that made me feel horrible. I’ve never felt pretty or beautiful ever because I’ve been told so many times that ill never be that. And I believed every word.
If anyone complimented me I wouldn’t just say “Im really not”.
Because I know im not.

I’ve learned to accept that ill never be that no matter how hard I try. This is so depressing and im already starting to get teary.

You all don’t know what I look like and its best if you never find out.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx

Valentines Day Group Bloggers Interview

Hey everybody, welcome back to my blog!
Today is Valentines day and in celebration (there’s nothing to celebrate) I thought I would do a whole group bloggers interview.
There are quite a few bloggers. Such as ;

• Elm
• Sav
• Caitie
• Ocean (Sarah)
• Selfie
• Allie M

I wont be putting all of there social medias because that will literally be the death of me.

Anyway, lets begin the interview..


Elm : Completely, and horrifyingly. I was 11, at one of the infamous ‘blind camps’ I go on, and there was a boy there who I’d met the year before. Long story short, we got together (as 11-year-olds do, you know, by a ‘do you like me?’ and then running away, and with various nudges of ‘do you like him!!!’ from friends). I count that as my first proper crush, although I had tiny ones in primary school – most notably on one of my best friends, and I only realised I supposedly .’fancied’ him after we left for secondary. It was tragic.

Sav : To be honest not really. I’ve had many in my time (which I never had a chance with anyways) but I cannot remember the one person that I consider my first crush.

Caitie : Sadly. I have been a hopeless romantic since Pre-K.

Selfie : Hmm…well, I remember that I used to have tiny crushes starting from 1st grade ( I have a record of 17!😂) However, I consider my first real crush to be this boy who was kind of a family friend? It’s hard to explain but yeah, we went to the same school and i made him my ‘cousin’ but that’s a completely different story.

Sarah : Yes, he was Irish and it was in year 3. He had brown floppy hair and let me play Hermione when we pretended to play Harry Potter 😂.

Allie : Umm, yes. It was in first grade actually, and he chased me around the playground for hugs.


Elm : No, and I haven’t been for a while; the lines appear to blur sometimes. The person I was last in love with will forever remain someone special to me – I think someone like that can’t not – and I’m glad to have had that emotion relating to them. It was beautiful.

Sav : The words “in love” have certain connotations and implies a certain label which leads to pressure. So I don’t consider myself in love with anyone right now but I do have someone in my life that I love more than anything but in a different way to that label which is totally okay.

Caitie : Yes(3 AND A HALF YEARS WOO).

Selfie : Well, maybe. But feelings are hard to sort out. However, I do care deeply about a few people in my life and what I feel for them is nothing short of love 😊

Sarah : No, there is a possible crush but nothing massive.

Allie : No, I don’t think so.


Elm : Oh my goodness – this is… Interesting. I count my first proper kiss as being in the summer of when I was 15 – a year and a half ago now – with a boy who I’d known for 5 years at that point. He came round to mine (he lives 5 hours away or so) with another really good friend of mine and it was an amazing day with both of them. Said friend went to the loo, and the other boy and I kissed – for the life of me, I don’t know who initiated it: I still couldn’t tell you. It just happened, and even for everything that happened after, it was a moment I’ll never forget and the memories that followed, even over a year later, will stay with me. When I think back to my first kiss, I smile out of fond exasperation at myself.

Sav : It was in September 2016 so I was quite a late to the party. It was at a party and I was with a girl who was flirting with me the entire time but I was totally oblivious until we sat down together and suddenly before I knew it it was happening and I didn’t really know what to do but I kinda just went with it. On the whole it was a good experience (despite me getting hair in my mouth) which had good timing due to the fact I was still hurting from a past relationship at the time so it was good to like finally move on

Caitie : So, I had a super big crush on this guy(who got a girl pregnant a couple years ago) and I told him I wanted to wait until I had my birthday to have my first kiss. A week before my birthday, he kissed me. It wasn’t that great of a kiss. It was very sloppy and wet, not my type of kiss. He was a stupid kid and I’m happy I don’t talk to him anymore.

Selfie : Ahhh goodness, I haven’t had my first REAL kiss yet. However, I’ve had an accidental kiss with one of my closest friends. It’s kind of funny actually. So, after play practise, a few of us friends were just chilling together at this cafe and this friend and I, we both were being super weird around each other. And we were just hugging and I felt this overwhelming surge of affection for her so I thought I would just plant a juicy one on her CHEEK (we do that normally anyway so it isn’t weird). Buut, it was a dark place, I didn’t realize that what I thought was her cheek was actually her lips 😂  So voila, our lips connected and when we realized what happened, we both sorta just screamed and then started laughing.

Sarah : It was with the Irish guy in year three. I was round his house and we were getting some toys from the attic. He kissed me on the lips, we then both said gross and laughed.

Allie : Yes, but I also believe you can have a “true love” with more than one person.


Elm : I don’t think that any love’s more true than any other, unless you’re lying to yourself that you are or aren’t in love with a person. If you’re properly, head over heels in love with someone, that you’d do anything for them, that’s just as valid as anything else. You can feel it multiple times throughout your life, but there’s no clean and pure and perfect version of love. Maybe true love is just realising that you can love someone to the stars and back, but that if they leave, you’ll love someone just as far the next time.

Sav : Oh hell yes I have a belief that in the supernatural world at first everyone was born with two heads and two pairs of limbs but because humans were too advanced the Gods split humans into 2 and the goal is to find your second half who can be anything to you in terms of their relations. I do believe that it exists and the universe has someone for everyone because I personally have someone in my life that fits me so well and I’m grateful for that.

Caitie : I do, because I’m a believer of fate, of how things are meant to happen, and the butterfly effect. I’m a cheesy person, but if fate does exist, shouldn’t true love?
But! I do not believe in love at first sight, because that seems like it’s just pulling at straws to find your “true love”.

Selfie : I most definitely do. True love is out there, and who knows- you probably have already found it.

Sarah : Yes, one day I feel I will find the right person. I think there are perfect matches for everyone.

Allie : Yes, but I also believe you can have a “true love” with more than one person.


Elm : I’m just trying to remember one I haven’t posted on my blog… There was this one time when I was 12 where, in Spanish, we had to do SALSA Dancing. Not only was that horrifying, but I had to “dance” with a boy who I had a rather large and superficial crush on: we were both terrible, it was awkward and I had to hold his hands (coincidentally, the closest I ever got to him.” Little Elm found this ecstatically amazing, but grown-up Elm is cringing because I also danced with another boy then. After that lesson, I realised – gasp! – I fancied the latter boy too! My life was a bloody soap opera it was ridiculous.

Sav : I can’t really think of one apart from my crush saying “hi, you alright” to me while passing me and me being unable to socialise I replied with a “hey, you alright, good thanks”.

Caitie : Oh my god! So in fourth grade, I had the BIGGEST crush on one of my friends but he wasn’t a friend anymore. My sister was dating someone with the same last name as him and I walked up to him in class one day and just said that my sister was dating his cousin and he said he didn’t have a cousin with that name and I ran off with my face all red and- AAEGH.

Selfie :
sorts through an entire mountain of embarrassing moments Okayyyy so- last year, I was walking home from school and my ex(?)- crush (who has now moved to Finland fuck you), was walking right behind me. Being the attention-seeker/ annoying brat I am, I purposely dropped all the bags I was holding (I had like. 4 that day for some reason), in hopes that he would notice and try to help me and then we would lock eyes and then we’d love each other forever (yup). However, he ignored me but I KNEW that he had noticed me. In fact, when I dropped my bags, he walked past me quicker than ever. I was super disappointed wondering what had I done to drive him away.
I go home, and I catch a glimpse of my skirt in the mirror. A. FUCKING. HUUUIUUGE BRIGHT RED BLOOD STAIN.
I wanted to dig a grave for myself when I remembered how I bent over, and gave my crush full view of my bloody skirt when I dropped my bags in front of him.

Sarah : There was one girl I had a massive crush on, and on Valentine’s Day I put an anonymous card in my bag. She thought it was from a guy and even asked me if I knew who it was from. That was awkward having to tell her.

Allie : Hmm well, on my tenth birthday about six or seven of my friends came over and after we had cake and games we thought it would be a good idea to prank my somewhat boyfriend at the time, we went over to his house by jumping two fences and climbing a tree, then started ringing his doorbell and running away. Unfortunately we had forgotten he had two dogs and they went crazy at the sound of the doorbell. Then his mom came out and started yelling, we were all scrambling to get back to the tree and climb it so we could jump over the fence again everyone had at least one cut and the next day when my crush talked about it at school we all pretended we had no idea what happened.

Thank you to everyone that got involved. Im not sure if I missed anyone, if I did then could you tell me. Thanks.

Check out all the blogs, they are all so amazing and really talented bloggers.

Ill see you all soon.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx

Blogger Interview – Elm

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog! And today is another Blogger Interview.
And todays guest is… Elm.
I had a lot of fun interviewing her, and as always her blog and social medias will be linked at the end of the post.

And without further or do, lets start this interview…

Me : What inspires you to blog?

Elm : It’s the people and world around me, really – I blog about my life, and so simple situations inspire me to write posts. It’s both myself and others: something that happens to me which I want to write about, but also what happens to my friends, or strangers on the street. What inspires me to KEEP writing is encouragement from others, as well as the knowledge that I’m actually helping people, that they want to hear my words (sometimes I feel as though I can’t speak up in real life, so it’s comforting to know I can online) and that they’d keep listening because they understand me.

Me : Blogging is a great way to make friends. Who do you think you have made a close connection with?

Elm : Over the almost two years I’ve been blogging, I’ve made a lot of friends, I suppose (that makes me sound arrogant) but some of those connections I’ve lost, which is sad, and I’d love to connect with them again. At the moment, I’d say I’m close with Sav from Narcissism and Innuendos, Fibit, you, Em from LyfWithEm, Aspen from A.K.A the Author, Flawed Silence, Elly from a Hufflepuff’s Thoughts and of course, the infamous L, though that’s a given because I’ve known him for 6 years. I love so many bloggers, and will definitely try and get closer to those that I really admire.

Me : Do you remember your first post? And if so what was it about?

Elm : Unfortunately, yes. It was a classic introduction post, but I was so sick of doing intro posts (I’d had two blogs before) that I decided it would be a great idea to start it with something along the lines of “Hello, it’s me. Again.” I never said I was a particular genius at writing intro posts… I always stumble over my words when talking to a new person, and it’s not that different when I blog!

Me : Has there ever been a time where writing didn’t help?

Elm : A few times, yes, when my thoughts have been so scattered and upsetting that I don’t know how to put them into order. Often it does help, even just simply because it makes my emotions clearer to me, but on the rare occasion it doesn’t, it’s because I don’t know how to put my feelings into words. Either that, or I get so worried that people will read it or I stress about it so much that writing things down would be more detrimental than not.

Me : And finally, what’s your favourite ice cream?

Elm : Chocolate, without a doubt! Yeah, vanilla and strawberry are great, but mostly any kind of chocolate ice cream gives me life and I adore it.

Me : Thank you for letting me interview you

Elm : And thanks for interviewing me – it was awesome! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post, definitely check out Elm’s blog and follow her on her social medias that are linked down below.

Blog : http://www.justelm.wordpress.com
Twitter : @TheOtherElm

Ill see you soon with another blog post.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


. I know I haven’t blogged in about a week which I am sorry about but I don’t know what to blog about. I have a bloggers interview going up tomorrow and another on Valentines day.

Today, I thought why not do an life update for you all.

Okay, the big news is.. My hair is now coloured. By coloured, I mean its actually pink (not intended). I wanted to do purple which I did do, but it didn’t even go purple. So, it used to be a kind of bright pink but now its got many tones in it and now is a dusty rose.. I actually quite like it.

In other news, I’ve been put up for counselling. Apart from this week hasn’t been that bad at all. I did have pretty bad luck this week though which was absolutely all my fault.
I don’t think my mental health has been that bad.

I was having a good day until my dad insulted me, now I feel like shit. But oh well.

Umm.. What else? I think im okay right now. Lifes not too bad.

But, there’s one thing I want to do… Give back to all of you.
Not to get all emotional but I genuinely don’t know what my life would be like with you all.
I’ve met some amazing people through blogging like ; Selfie,Mit,Elm,L,Sav,Just a blank space…ect.
So.. to give back to all of you. I want to do a do a personal Q&A. If you have any questions than either message me on Twitter (@lifeas_a) or in the comments or on Skype (Annoymousblog101). I don’t mind what it is.

See you tomorrow with another post.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Blogger Interview – Ft. MIT!

Hey everybody, welcome back to my blog! And today is another Blogger Interview and todays guest is… Fibit (aka Mit)
As always ill link his blog and other social medias down below.

Without further or do, lets begin this interview…

Me : Do you feel as if blogging has helped you through tough times?

Mit : In all honesty, I haven’t really had a tough time in the last couple of years. Blogging has definitely shown me people who are going through much rougher times than me, and it helped me to appreciate that the things I consider “rough” are actually extremely petty.

Me : What blog (or blogs) have you become obsessed with (obsessed isn’t the right word, maybe addicted… no that’s worse) What blog/blogs do you really like?

I haven’t really been on the blogosphere that much recently but I really like (in no particular order): L,Sav, Elm,Selfie,15andsomething, fearlesslyloud (but she’s going to be leaving us 😢😭), Aspen, Colby (She doesn’t post that much though), Tanya, Anthony, Riya Sharma ect… I feel really bad knowing I’ve missed out loads of people but I love so many blogs and bloggers! Basically I love everyone I follow.

Me : Are you the same person you are as you are in your posts?

Mit : I like to think so, but you’ll have to ask my friends 🙂

Me : I’ll ask L. (I did ask L and he said he is)
What would you be doing with your time if you didn’t start your blog?

Mit : I never post, so proberly the same as right now. I spend a lot of time talking to friends from the blogosphere so my free time, if I didn’t have a blog, would proberly be a lot more boring than now. I’d be playing video games or binge watching youtube.

Me : Would you ever leave WordPress for another blogging site?

Mit : Never! Don’t even speak of such blasphemy! The people on the site are brilliant and I’ve met some of my best friends on WordPress. The people are friendly and understanding. Overall, the site’s just fantastic.
You cant get rid of me that easily 😛

Me : Damn you got the hint 😂. Anyway thank you for letting me interview you.

Mit: Thank you for having me!

I had a great time interviewing Mit (Fibit) ill link his social medias down below.

Blog : http://www.alittlebitofmit.wordpress.com
Twitter : @MitInModeration
Kik : Mitmar

He’s an amazing blogger and an great friend so definitely follow him.

Thank you for reading and ill see you soon with another post.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx

Thoughts through my day

Hey. Hi. Hello. Welcome back to my blog!
Today I wanted to do a “Thoughts throughout my day”. I was inspired by Selfie to do this. Check out her lovely blog! Ill link it.

Selfie : http://www.meanderingcourse.wordpress.com

So without further do lets begin this post…
“Wtf did I just dream”
“What is that noise”
“F*** it’s the alarm”
“Meh, ill sleep a bit more”
“Its 8:09 I need to get up”
“Gotta brush”
“I feel fresh”
“Now to put my face on”
“Where’s my brush?, oh.. Im sat on it”
“Mmm, what lip colour”
“No thank you mum, I don’t want crumpets” 😂 So British.
“Wait, you want to buy me makeup?!”
“I need to get dresses now…”
“Mmm, what should I wear?”
“This makes me look like a potato”
“You can definitely tell I have boobs in this..Im not I want that”
“Where the fluff are my shoes?”
“I need to smell nice… Where’s my spray?”
” Oh f*** I forgot about my hair..”
“That doesn’t look good”
“Right now lets leave”
“Its not that cold today”
“What are those two cars doing..?”
“I hate walking by myself”
” I don’t like going down this way”
“Oh no, there’s a group of boys”
“Just walk quickly.. Walk faster”
“Don’t fall over and draw attention to yourself”
“Oh there’s J*****”
“Oh my, her hair looks amazing”
“Please let the automatic doors open when I walk by” (Yes there have been some cases where they didn’t open for me)
“Oh my god yes! A empty corridor!!”
“Oh no, is this one not going to open”
(As I went up to open the automatic door it opened)
“I have superpowers”
” YAS, the doors opened”
“F*** my life, there’s so many stairs”
“Maybe I should connect the WiFi, it also makes me look like I have friends… BONUS!”
“Should I tell this lady her shoe is untied?”
“Na, im sure she’ll trip over and find out herself.. A.. You have a messed up mind”
“No ones here… Great..”
“Why won’t it let me log in?!”
“Ill just switch to the one beside me”
“That means ill be closer to where those girls normally sit… FML”
“Yes! This one works”
“Oh.. My button has undone…”
“Hahahahahaha… Did he literally just say “Where the hole?” Hahahaha.”
“Can I go?”
“Ill just walk out anyway”
“Why are those boys staring?… Oh my button got undone again..”
” Well that’s embarrassing”
” Hi ho. Hi ho. It’s off to home we go”
“Im 100% eating some Roses when I get home.. I don’t really like them that much”
“Hello mother”
” Oh, you’re ill”
“Stay away from me then.. Im actually a bit ill too bit still”
“I think im going crazy, yesterday I was singing so badly and talking to myself”
“Lets make me look uglier than I already am”
“Well im not sure that’s possible 😂”
“Oh no, I’ve made a huge mess”
“Crap, I’ve stained the whole of my hand”
“If anyone asks… I’ve got a weird rash”
“Ill take a picture of this..”
“Ill watch some GMM”
“I proberly need to write a blog post”
“Should I ask Selfie if its okay for me to basically copy her post?”
“Umm, but I don’t know how to word it”
“Ill ask later”
“Okay, now right down the things you’ve thought today”
“Am I that boring…?”
“I should proberly but my makeup back on”
“I look terrifying”
“At least make your hair look good”
“Okay, when you’re curling your hair this time… Don’t f****** burn your hand”
“Haha, I can see my bra.. That’s way to inappropriate to put in the post… Meh”
“Is it hot?….Yep, yes it is… And oww”
“That’s a pathetic curl”
“I smell burning..Yep that’s me”
” I feel fat”
“I’ve got to be go to college in 15 minutes.. ☹ ”
“Ahh, that curl was satisfying”
“I love my socks”
“Done curling my hair”
“I don’t look any better..”
“Its just annoying now”
“I wonder if anyone will turn up.. Or the teacher will be in”
“Ahh, tucking in my checkered shirt makes me look cooler”
“I should get up…”
“How the f*** did Marvin Gaye start playing… I didn’t even put it on”
“Crap, I broke the zipper… Now it looks like I have a bulge 😂”
“Im switching trousers”
(Goes to mirror)
“Ahhhhh, I look dead”
” I NEED to put makeup on”
“Ill do it in my break”
“Right, Rosanna im sorry but you need to get out my bag”
“Oh my god this is so heavy”
” Great, I sound like I have musical instruments in my bag”
“Why is that dude in all black moving so slow”
“I feel so self conscious right now”
“Everyone’s looking at me”
“Im literally grey”
” There’s boys there and I look like this”
“Am I taller than her?…Nope”
“I hate how I look right now..”
“Okay so there’s no spinny white chairs”
“Please don’t talk about death”
“Oh f*** don’t get depressed”
“Stop thinking… Don’t start being negative”
“Okay, its break now I can start making my face less disgusting”
(Looks in the mirror)
“Ergh, you are ugly”
(Tries to blend foundation)
“You’re never be pretty”
“FML… Im now depressed about how I look… Stop this!”
“I hate my skin..”
“Just hide your face”
(And I did, if I even showed a bit of my face I felt like I was too exposed and it made me feel worse”
“Why are you even starting to cry… pathetic cry baby”

After this it got super depressing and I went home.
Im sorry that it was quite depressing..
I don’t want to look at myself in the mirror, tomorrow im going to have to go to college looking like an ugly cow.. Its no different from usual.
☹ Im sorry.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx

Blogger Interviews – Sav!

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog! It’s that day of the week again…Blogger Friday! And this weeks guest is…. Sav!

This was very a very interesting interview to do, and hopefully to see the same. As always ill link his blog and socials at the end of the post.

Without further or do, lets begin this interview.

Me : There are 5 questions you can answer them as long or as short as you like. The first question is..How did you come up with your blog name?

Sav : Well I actually have undergone three name changes as they have been reflections of the person I was at the time of naming it. For example, I started with the lion’s den due to the fact it was my space on the internet and my real name means lion. I then changed to the savage savannah due to my penchant for insulting things in a savage manner. However a couple days ago i changed it to narcissism and innuendos due to my rather sexual sense of humour as well as my self confidence being mistaken for Narcissism so therefore Narcissism and innuendos made sense as it not only shows what I’ve evolved into but also my sense of humour which is a big part of how I deal with everyday life.

Me : Have you made any close blogger friends in the community?

Sav : Oh hell yes, the blogging community are like my only actual friends. Obviously, due to my standing in the community I feel my closest friends within the community are well known and documented but I won’t be naming them due to potentially forgetting someone out of a slip of memory which could make them get the wrong idea as to how I feel towards them. But genuinely I’ve made so many great friends as well as some drama with a couple bloggers mixed in but for obvious reasons I won’t name them. However that’s all good because I thrive off drama and in my opinion it’s what makes the world go round.

Me : How would you describe your style of writing?

Sav : I call it Sav style… I’m not gonna try be comparing myself to others because I’m unique and at the end of everything we both get shit posted and I’m obviously gonna believe that my stuff is better because I wrote it and there’s no point in writing shit I don’t like. If I had to describe it in terms of adjectives I’d go for speech to text due to the fact I write identically to how I speak be that in posts, text messages. Everything.

Me : Has blogging changed you as a person?

Sav : I would definitely say yes but I’m not sure whether blogging has directly contributed to it. For example it’s made me a lot more educated in terms of the blind community in the case of talking to L and Elm who are blind and they’ve helped me to understand that blind people are humans like the rest of us. I feel as if I’ve changed as a person in terms of the people I’ve met all over the world bringing their energies to the table. But I’d say I’ve changed as a result of natural growth and not because of the way I write. The only thing that’s changed about me is my writing style over time but my personality is the same.

Me : And finally, how long have you been blogging for?

Sav : My year blogaversary (wow I fucking hate that word and whoever made it up) is on the 9th of January 2017 so almost a year.

Me : And the interview done! Thank you for letting me interview you.

Sav : Nah thank YOU for letting me answer your questions.

I hope you enjoyed this interview, as I said in the beginning his blog and socials are linked down below.

Blog : http://www.narcissismandinnuendos.wordpress.com
Twitter : @lonelyli0n
Skype : Sav.the.lion

Ill see you all soon with another post.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


Hello. Im not okay at all. I know im not. Im depressed. A lot. This has been going on for maybe 4-5 days of just negative emotions and its got to the point im thinking about self harming.. Maybe it will make me feel better.

I just want to cry. This isn’t depression im sure its just a mood swing a really big mood swing.
If you follow me on twitter (unless you think im always happy and want to see my depressed side then head on over there. @lifeas_a)

On my twitter it is literally full of depressing tweets its not okay.. I don’t think I can take it anymore.. I cant explain how I feel.
Hating myself for taking it out on my friends. Just hating how I am right now. I don’t want to feel like this.. I might have to take a break from blogging until I somehow get over this mood swing.. 😩 I really hate myself so much right now.

My mum this morning said “You’re not happy”.. Well no shit. Im so fed up of this shit..

Im sorry for posting this but I cant keep on tweeting its getting stupid now.

See you all soon..

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx