New Chapter 

Hey everyone, let’s be real. I am near to terrible at makeup and its just a pain to do, and writing is what I started off with and I think I’m good at… Don’t laugh.. Oi, you in the back.. I see you there.

Anyway, I want to stop with the change because its must be confusing for you and me… So this will be it. Not the end, well the end of a chapter and a new one beginning.

Let’s start over, a clean slate.. 

So, uhh… Hi. I’m A. But you can also call me L.  No not that L .

By L, I mean my name starts with L. Some of you may know that already. I do quite like my name starting with L, im not sure why.. It reminds me of a flower.. My brain works in weird ways don’t judge.

Anyway, this is a new start and a new chapter which I do hope you all join me in because I want to include all of you.

If you are thinking “Girl, you keep on changing your mind and never keep to anything so how do we know can trust you” well I am glad you asked. 

I know I have made promises and keep on changing my mind but this is a new start and that calls for a.. change… forget what I said…

All I want to say is… I have free sweets… Okay I’ll shut up now.


Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


2 thoughts on “New Chapter 

  1. Hahah I’d love those free sweets. Other than that though, babe none of us care as long as you are doing what makes you happy and what makes you comfortable. At the end of this blog was made for you to do what you wanted too. So don’t live in the fear of us judging you for it. We will be here , reading what you write either way. 💙💙

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