Storytime | Flirting? 

Hey everyone, you all know I like to tell you stories and I have one again.

To keep identities kept a little hidden I will call him “Cory”.

So it was a casual brisk night as always I’m literally sat on my bed watching YouTube and I got a message from a familiar face who I rarely talk to, it was Cory. Cory and I hardly talk because at school he is more with the “popular” people and I am… not popular. So we hardly talked only out of school.

So yesterday, I went into town to get eyeliner. I looked horrible, couldn’t look any worse. 

Anyway, so I went to town and I walked past Cory with his friends, I was on my own. Because I have no friends…

So, later on that evening I got a text (that is rare for me). It was Cory, it was a casual chat when he said “Did I see you in town” I said “Yes” and he started to act a bit….strange. He said I looked nice, of course I knew I looked like a mushroom and then he replied “I was looking at your face”. He just got very weird… By weird I mean kept on complementing me. 

Now, its was not usual for a girl like me to talk to a guy like him… He’s the person who hung around with the pretty girls and I’m the girl who would rather not…hang around. 

Basically, (this is my opinion) he only talked to me if he was bored and kind of fed up with being single.. I don’t know if that was what he was doing but when someone does that to me its either a joke or their drunk… That sounds really sad.

After that he wanted to meet, I’m not the type of girl who would meet up with anyone. I have to be COMPLETELY comfortable around you to hang out with you. and of course I said ” I don’t know” which he just didn’t reply until I said “Bye”.

Its not a intresting story and I did leave out parts but I am not used to boys to be like that, I don’t talk to boys everyday 24/7. Shh Viola.

Anyway, I don’t know what to think about that, what do you think?

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


2 thoughts on “Storytime | Flirting? 

  1. He sounds like he could be nice and even if it was a joke or he got drunk he was flirting, and you said he’s single so if he tried to talk to you again I would try to cut it short because he sounds a bit like a player. My advice just if he approaches you and says a compliment or anything at all just cut it short with, thanks but I got to go I’m in a rush, or something along those lines. Good Luck -Liss

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