Bloguest – Discrepancy (Pseudonym)

Discrepancy in me

Is most definitely not an accurate representation,
Of the perfection,
You are,

So while you put on that concealer,
To hide your supposed flaws,
Know that I’ll love you,
No matter what,
For I’ve seen your blemishes,
The scars you try to hide,
I’ve seen that beautiful woman,
Even if she hides behind you hidden smile,
Which hurtful person,
Hurt you so deeply,
That you can’t simply be yourself,
Who told you,
That you aren’t a natural beauty,
Who kept you hidden from yourself,
Darling, I don’t mind if you need these masks,
To feel better about yourself,
To feel confident in the skin you’ve been given,
I just hope that someday,
You’ll love the one you are,
With all its flaws,
As I have,

The skin you were born with,
With all its imperfections,
As I have,
But honestly at the end of the day,
When I look at you in the mirror,
I put my arms around you,
Whispering in your ear,
We can do this,
We are beautiful,
I shrink with fear myself,
Then once again I’m dabbing powder,
Face; in a pout,
Between confidence and anxiousness,
Why does the latter always come about.


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