Okay, lets do dis…

Ladies and gentlemen… I am proud to announce a very EXCITING series that will be taking place ALL YEAR!

That series will be so spectacular and so fantastic it will blow all of your minds…

Okay, I’m over doing this..

Hey everyone, its moi and today I would like to introduce a new series which will as you may know be taking place all year, so it will end 15th August 2017.

That new series will be called….


Ok, let me explain. As you may know I do blog mostly everyday, but what if the post were… Good! I know, I know… Pretty cool right?

Its not really cool but its something I want to accomplish and I absolutely promise I won’t give up. There isn’t going to be an exact time but it will be going up sometime in a day.

The posts can be about anything… Maybe a fashion post… Beauty… (God help me), it could be a poem or maybe a secret post from your favourite blogger. The ideas are endless, you don’t know what posts and I will be telling no one the posts Im writing.

I know this series isn’t really exciting but its a start.. So I hope you enjoy this and you don’t know what you’re in for so if I were you….. When you see a notification that I have posted… Get popcorn, drinks and a get a blanket because it will be one hell of a post..

Okay, I’ll stop now.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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