Everyday Blog – Day One.

Hey everyone, welcome to day one of Everyday Blog where I will be blogging everyday for a whole year.

And today’s post will be on…


You’re proberly wondering “Why appearance?”, the reason I am talking about appearence because in today’s society image is a lot.

When I was in Year 8-9 I had a diary, that diary was on a laptop and I remember writing… and I quote.

‘I better go to bed now because I want to get up early to impress ……’ As you may know that contained make up and basically dulling myself up. 

Looking back at that, I definitely thought that the outer me affected how people saw me, and back then I thought curling/straighting and putting on makeup would make them like me.

I should not have done that. When I went to school I wore makeup basically everyday, I don’t know if people thought of me as ‘attractive’ but by the end of Year 10- start of Year 11, I realised makeup enhanced…me.. It didnt change me it made what features weren’t seen…be seen. 

Now, let’s talk about boys appearance. Obviously boys can wear makeup all they want however most boys do not. 

When I was at school I didn’t see one…actually scrap that I saw one boy where makeup also people thought he was gay. Why do people think that..

Okay, separate rant here.

People think a boy is gay if he does what a girl does….what are you saying? All girls are gay?! What I dont understand why if a boy is a bit ‘girly’ then apparently he’s gay…if you know why pleas explain it to me because I don’t know.

Anyway, let’s get back on topic…

This whole post is to say appearance is something people see from the outside they might judge you, or whatever but when you find that person who digs deep down and loves yoy from the inside out..then you know you have found the one.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did then be sure to smash that lik…. ‘Damn you Youtube’ if you have been here for  while you will know I do not ask for people to follow me or ask people to like.

Anyway, I love you all very much and I will see you tomorrow…


Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


One thought on “Everyday Blog – Day One.

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