Everyday Blog – Day Two.

Hello,  fabulous people welcome back to Everyday Blog where I blog everyday for a whole year.

Today’s post will be a…


Which I will be telling you his I feel about this product and will give it a rating.

The first product is from Soap & Glory, it is the Supercat Eyeliner which costs £7.00.

If you trust my opinion then keep on reading.

Okay, I would rate this a 6/10. Why 6? I will give it a 6 because it is hard to use. I am do not find felt tip eyeliners easy, liquid eyeliners are the easiest for me. Also this is very wide, I know that it says super fat but I did get the other one but when I came home it was no where to be seen.

Also, I find that the tip can get easily mis-shapen. From the price I would say it is not worth the money.

and just to note the normal one was the one I lost and also it was the last on there. So, when I went back the next day I could only get the superfat one.
The next item is from a really cheap brand which is MUA. The product is Whipped Velvet in the shade CHICHI. 

I love the shade if this, it is so creamy and it does live up to its name.. However, this is a light coverage and doesn’t self level well but other than that its absolutely great. It was also £1.50.

I would give this an 8/10.
I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did then… that’s great. 

Anyway, I love you all very much and I will see you again tomorrow.


Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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