Everyday Blog – Day Four.

Hey everyone, welcome back to Everyday Blog where I blog everyday for a year.

And today’s post will be…

         How to : Summer.

Its August the sun is out, pool are up and ice creams are your daily hydration. But, I will be telling you ways on how to make the most out of your summer + how to keep the skin hydrated.

So here are 6 Ways on How to : Summer. 

1)  Moisturizer 

This is a key part in keeping your skin hydrated. If missing out on this, then by the time the sun has gone and Autumn is apon us, your skin will feel drier than ever.

2) Keeping Cool.

The sun is out, we are more and more need of drinks.. especially cold ones. So while sun bathing or just inside chilling grab a drink WITH ICE! Ice is important.
3) Sunscreen…Obviously. 

Put your hands up, who likes crispy, flaky sunburned skin? Wait! You do…awkward..

Those of you who do not want that then put sunscreen on. When you were younger and your mum and dad said “Put on sunscreen” listen to them.

Okay, so I gave you 3 ways on how to protect and hydrate your skin but now lets to the fun parts.

6)  Barbeque. 

I love barbeques its a good way to chill with friends and family. There is nothing better than having a relaxed evening with the people you love.

7) Swimming Pool. 

When its a really hot day, all we want to do is go into a swimming pool. Why don’t you? Its a great way to cool down.

8) Day out. 

Now, this one is one I really recommend. When you are inside for a long time of is quite nice to go away for a day. Maybe to the beach.. wherever you would like to go.

That’s it for today’s post, also I will link my social medias down below.

Insta : @annoymous_blogger

Snapchat : Annoymousblog

Twitter : @lifeas_a

Anyway, I love you all very much and I will see you tomorrow with another post.


Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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