Everyday Blog – Day Seven.

Hey everyone, welcome back to Everyday Blog where I blog everyday for a year.

And today’s post is about….

                 Jobs + Moving?

My dad has been pressuring me to get a job, now I don’t want to go for any jobs because its a job and I will end up hating it. I don’t know how to not be awkward and even if I did get an interview I will proberly mess it up.

The reason I need a job is because I want to move. But where? 

Well I’m glad you asked…. to Brighton. However, I want someone to move with me. I wanted Viola to come but she wants to be..a bit less far away.

I’m not really sad about leaving home because I get constant nagging from parents and on my birthday my mum said “Hey, let’s order off of Amazon” noo..  what she ment is “You pick and when it comes I’ll basically keep it”. -_-.

I want to move when I’m 19, which is a good age… I think soo… I have 3 years to get money.. Which might be do-able.

Wish me luck…

Anyway, enough of my ranting let’s get into the social medias which you could stalk me on, I don’t mind. 😀

Haha, anyway, I love you all very much and I will see you tomorrow with another post.


Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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