Everyday Blog – Day 11.

Hey everyone, welcome back to Everyday Blog where I blog everyday for a year.

And today’s post is about….


Way back at the start I was anonymous for a number of reasons but one in particular. 

I didn’t want anyone who went to my school who wasn’t my friends to know because I knew it would be spread around and I would be taken the mick out of. That’s what I didn’t want.

Being anonymous is great, well that was before I posted that video where you all saw my face… Sorry about that. And ever since I don’t want to change it. Its been over a year I’ve stuck with that name. 

I’m not really anonymous anymore maybe Ill come out of the shadows soon but that is for when I move out.

So, let’s go to now.. I am 16. With a blog. And none of my family know… Every time my mum comes into my room and calls my name I automatically think “She’s found my blog”. 

Meh, it wouldn’t be the worst thing but Id rather not my dad knowing, he wouldn’t see it as something I do for fun, he will see it as ” Youre talking to strangers” which I don’t think I am… Maybe one or two strangers.. *coughs* Viola…*coughs* 

Anyway, this was just sit down and chat because I haven’t really don’t that in a while.. 

P.S – Viola is my bestest friend, if you didn’t know I am joking.


God, you lot are sensitive.. God, I’m joking. 

Ill shut up now..

Anonymous blogger,signing out xxx


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