Everyday Blog – Day 12.

Hey everyone, welcome back to Everyday Blog where I blog everyday for a year.

And today’s post is a……

          Back To School Makeup Tips.

The dreaded time has come…. Summer is nearly over and that is when ‘Back to School ‘ posters are everywhere… However, don’t fear… you can come home everyday to your blog and while your at school just think “What should I post”. 

However, if you were anything like me, it was fun to come up with a new look for school but not too in your face, going to get you kicked out of school makeup.

By all means if you don’t wear makeup, then that’s absolutely fine but if you do this is the tutorial for you… Might be.. I don’t know depends if you like it.

Anyway, let’s start.
Primer is key for back to school but if you don’t have one then that’s fine I never did until I left school.. But if you do have one then its proberly good to put one on.

I believe that if your base is good then everything follows with it so make sure you are happy with the skin portion.

I used to wear foundation in school most of the time it didnt match my skin but of course I didnt know that. 

Honestly, just go for some concealer, a fairly cheap on like the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is good, and can be used to to cancel any discolouration from the face, there’s not really any need to cake makeup on just for school.

Next is to powder, I didnt actually powder my face until I got into year 10 because I didn’t generally know what it was.. Until year 9.

Powder is best to keep the four dation and concealer in place.
Anyway, next is contour and highlight. I did contour and highlighting school however you can use a cool tone ashy shade of eye-shadow for contour and a shimmery champagne shade of eye-shadow for highlight, its really up to you if it works then that is absolutely fine.
Next is eyes, I used to hate eye-shadow until Year 10, because I really didnt see the point of it but then I started wearing g neutral colours such as a rosey colour. However, if I went back to school I would go for a rose gold on the lid and a browny gold with a bit of cool tone brown in the crease and then smoke it out under the lash line. And then I’d add some black eye-shadow to my lashline just to give it a bit more smokeyness. Then I would finish it with some inner corner highlight and some mascara.
That’s eyes done and for me I was done, I actually didn’t wear lipstick or gloss in school because I didn’t like the texture of either.

So if you want to then go ahead. If so, then go for a neutral shade.

Anyway, that’s all.

I’ll see you tomorrow.


Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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