Everyday Blog – Day 13.

Hey everyone, welcome back to Everyday Blog where blog everyday for a year.

And today I want to talk about….

               GCSE Exam Results.

I am actually writing this before I get my results, also have you noticed that its Day 13, which 13 is unlucky which means it guaranteed I will do bad. Let’s just start of by saying, I know I did bad… Without a doubt 100%. If I say I’ve done bad then I won’t be disappointed when I get the results also I am scared I will cry when I see them because I even start to begin to cry when I talk about getting the results..

I was never the best student, I am never the best but I’m not the worst. So, I’m going to make a prediction on what I think I got and when I get them I can compare.

English : D

Maths : D+

Art : D

ECDL : A* (I know that grade already)

Science : F

History : G

English Lit : B (Already know that grade)

I can’t think of anymore. Anyway, that’s what I think I got. I think I’ll wait for them to be delivered to my house because at least then I can not be a that hell hole.

Have you got your results yet?

Let me know if you have.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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