I don’t know actually what to call or say in this post but I’ll think of something.

Hey everyone, well I am writing this at 4:50 in the morning on Tuesday 30th August and this is going up on the 1st.

I hope you enjoyed my other posts that I have scheduled.

Remember when I started this blog to help people with things they suffer with or something you might want advice on that what I’ll do in this post.

But, the topic is…


I’m sure I have made a post on this but that was so long ago and I might as well do another one.
At one time or another everyone has been bullied…that sounds horrible but it’s true. There are many theories why bullies bully like ;

Because they aren’t OK with themselves.

However, in my opinion I don’t think that actually the case. Normally bullies don’t travel alone they have friends around them, honestly I think its to make people laugh.

They pick out everything wrong with you to make others laugh which is just not okay.


Ever since a young age I have had very very bad anger issues… I’m not joking it isn’t an exaggeration at all, it was so bad that my mum took be to the doctors and they said they couldn’t do anything about it, also the many times my mum threatened to ring up the social services.

I have been like this because I didn’t want people to just walk all over me. What I mean by that is if I be nice to them they will think they can just control me.

Even now that happens, I be nice to seome and then they take advantage of that and basically bully me.. that’s why I was soo mean.
Storytime over..

Mainly I was bullied for my height, however its just making fun of it and to be honest I don’t mind my height and I’ve also noticed that as you get older insecurities go away… For the longest time I was insecure about hair on my arms which now I couldn’t give less of a crap.

If you’re getting bullied, chin up… Why are you listening to them? Are you seriously that crazy to listen to people that are trying to make you look bad?

I don’t know why you listen to them, honestly, you can be better and just go “whatever”.

You do that..

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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