Clear things up + motivation!

Hey everyone,so today’s post is basically me explaining the last post and a few things running through my mind.

Lets start with my last post.

So that post was a prank, it looked like a lot of you were confused if it was or not. So that’s cleared up, now let’s talk motivation.


Everything I am scared of I never did. If I’m uncomfortable with anything I don’t do it.   

Literally today I started watching Roman Atwood’s Vlogs, I knew who he was but I never watched him, anyway he basically spreads motivation.

After watching many vlogs, I.. dont want to be that says no to everything teenager because its out of my comfort zone.

I was nervous about college. Im not with my friends also they are making new friends and I am here at home just doing what… defeating the ender dragon.. Yeah that’s basically it..

I want to say yes more..

This is a post to say whatever you are scared of or putting it off… Do it now! I was scared of the dentist but I realised its the waiting.. Waiting is the real anxiety.

Its easy to say don’t worry but not easy to deliver, if you are someone who hardly ever worries then you won’t know what it really feels like. 

I say. . do what you were putting off, its absolutely okay…


Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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