Who Is Worth Reading?

Hey everyone, by the title it sounds like a ‘A or B’ thing however, it is not.

So, I took a very long time searching for blogs that I thought were too good not to share however that are under 100 followers.

I will be listing 4 blogs that deserve the shout out.

I chose this blog because its actually quite interesting. This blog is about a mom with a 13 year old son and trying to balance life. Definitely check out this blog.

2. Viola..

None of you are surprised are you? Nope. If you don’t know Viola is a good friend of mine inside and out of blogging. I chose her blog because honestly I’m not being biased but it is really interesting.. I’m not lying.
3. Samtasticbeauty

This blog is actually quite new and to be honest I think its going to be quite a cool blog. If you want to check it out definitely do.

4.My Journey

This blog I really recommended. Why? Well once you click that link you will know why. Definitely check the blog out.
That’s all for my 4 blogs I recommend.

Until next time.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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