Hello everyone,today I have a day off college however I actually have a little (big) story to share with you that happens for years.

In year 8 I had a HEAVY addiction to baking. I watched it 24/7 and when I tried it myself it didn’t taste very nice… I wasn’t the best but I wanted to learn.

Skip a few years and I’m in year 10 or 11 and we have a careers meeting. We were on the website and I pointed out catering, as Im intrested in it but honestly I dont think I’m good at it. Anyway, the career guidance person said “You’re overqualified” because of my grades. I listened and didn’t take the  course.

Fast forward to a few days ago, me and some friends were talking and I said “I don’t really like my course” its not really what I thought it was. Anyway, I said to both of them that I was thinking about transferring to catering. They both said go for it so I told my mum and dad and they said “go to college and talk to my tutor” so I did. I can transfer so longs as there is enough room.

The person I talked to wanted a way to direct message to tell me what’s going on… Fast forward to now…

I don’t know what to do because ive got college tomorrow. I’ll just go in and talk to that person.

That’s basically my storytime. Not the most exciting but that’s what has been happening.

I’ll figure it out.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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