Storytime – The aftermath.

Hey everyone, this is the aftermath of my last post called storytime. So, let’s start.

I went to college but had to find let’s call him ‘Dave’. So I found Dave and he took me to let’s call him ‘George’. They spoke while I waited outside because they told me too. So I stayed outside until Dave told me to come in. I came in and they told me to come back around 12 for a chat. 

At 12, I went there and sat down. We talked and…. I didn’t get in. The course is too full and if we added anymore it would be a safety hazard. So, I’m doing it next year.

After I left the room, I genuinely nearly cried. Not sure why. I did really want to go on that course but what can I do. Unless someone drops out I have no hope trying to get in this year.

Oh well, hey ho. No biggy.

That’s basically what happened.

The way I explained it sounds quite cruel but he said it in a nicer way, he did say “It would of been lovely to have you on the course” but nope. I respect it though.

Anyway, bye for now.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


2 thoughts on “Storytime – The aftermath.

  1. It’s not fair that they didn’t let you in, there are at least 2 people on the course who really don’t want to be there and have no interest in catering, and you want to be there but you can’t because they are taking up all the places

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