2017 is the year for change

Hey everyone, quite a while ago I said that in 2017 I want change and after that was posted I changed my mind but didnt  tell you, but I will be changing in 2017.

So this post is going to basically be a reminder to myself in the future  about the things I will change.

My Hair.

Hair. For Certain. My hair is too long that is embarrassing. I get it caught  in everything. Its heavy and soo damaged. So I will be getting my hair cut. Bearing in mind, when im about to gst my hair cut I get all sweaty and shaky. Also, the colour. My hair is ombre, which is fine but I want to try different colour which will be a surprise.

Eat healthy.

I need to start that. I discust myself. Enough said.

I need a change.


In other news, no joke I have been seeing my ex EVERYWHERE. Everytime I just want to hide myself.


Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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