Hello…again. Welcome back. Miss me? No. Okay then.

So lets talk about secrets. This blog is my secret..well from people I know in real life. What if someone I went to college with had a blog on here as well. Firstly, I would laugh…then cry…then repeat. Haha. Its like wash.rinse.repeat.

Anyway, stay on topic. There is a 1 in a million chance someone could link me with this blog. Dd I just jink it? Oh no. Well, when someone I know somehow finds this then just say “WHATT? Thats not me. Whats a blog? I cant write for my life”.

What would you do if someone found your blog by accident?



Orrrr Run.

Orrr…. All three.

Just want to make this clear, I am not ashamed of my blog. No way am I.

I should proberly go now, I have a busy schedule. Eat. Sleep. Then Cry.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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