Christmas Plans +Social Medias

Hey everyone, so today I thought I would update you on social medias and talk a bit on Christmas plans.

Lets start with social medias. I have a few social medias that link with this blog, such as ;

Twitter —-> @lifeas_a

Instagram —-> @annoymousblog

Snapchat —-> Annoymousblog

Skype —-> Annoymousblog101

So, thats my socials. Feel free to stalk me on there.

Now, onto Christmas plans. I have thought a lot about Christmas (no shock there). I think I might do Blogmas. I dont know if I tried to do it last year but this year I certainly could. From the 1st to the 24th. Maybe a few collabs here and there. I want this Christmas to be memorable.

If you would like to join in on my Blogmas then comment down below.

Im looking forward to this Christmas and hopefully you are too.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx



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