I cut my hair!

Yes, you read that correctly. I cut my hair. I didnt want to do it myself firstly I asked my mum but guess what she was too busy watching a Christmas film so I said “Either you do it now or ill do it” so I did it.

The length? Well Ill give you to versions of how I would say it.

-Talking to all of you… It was waist length now  is chest length.

-Talking to friends… It was down to my butt but now just above my boob.

No joke… I would say that to Viola or Gemma

So yeah, I  did say ill do it in December but an old friend told me “Why later and not today”.

So, I did.

It is softer, smoother and I could never go back that long.

So, yeah. Thats all I need to tell you.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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