50 Facts about me

Hey everyone, even though I share my life on here I thought “hey, why not write 50 facts at 00:40 in the morning”.

Lets begin.

  1. I am left handed.
  2. I have been blogging for 1 year and 9 months.
  3. Im really slow at everything.
  4. On youtube I watch ; Grav3yardgirl, Simplynailogical, Glam&Gore,Stampylonghead,DanTDM,Rhett&Link,Brave Wilderness.
  5. Im supposed to be wearing glasses.
  6. My best friend is a blogger.
  7. Recently I cut my hair.
  8. Winter is my favourite season.
  9. I have double-jointed elbows.
  10. Black Heart is my all time favourite song.
  11. I hate feet.
  12. My eyes are blue and green, more blue if im happy, green when im sad.
  13. I have a scar on my head near that isnt that noticable.
  14. I cant sing.
  15. When I was little I have super curly hair.
  16. I am 5ft’0 because …… shorty. I actually dont know how tall I am…. maybe 5ft 3.
  17. Im british.
  18. I go to college
  19. I have a crazy temper.
  20. I have anxiety.
  21. Christmas is my favourite time of year.
  22. Im not good at winged eyeliner.
  23. I cant put on false lashes if my life depended on it.
  24. I drink water….alot.
  25. If I cant figure something out, ill google it.
  26. I am 16.
  27. I am kinda a neat freak.
  28. I dont snore but my two sisters do.
  29. When im angry ill make stupid decisions.
  30. I love art.
  31. On my bucket list I want to meet one of you in real life.
  32. When I first started my aim was to help people.
  33. I cant be serious.
  34. My shoe size is a 4.
  35. My favourite sandwich fillings are chicken tikka or pork luncheon meat.
  36. My favourite perfume is called far far away.
  37. When I was about 10 or 11 I read all of the Jaqueline Wilson books.
  38. For a long time I hated my family and wanted to go in care.
  39. Sleep is important to me.
  40. I once self harmed because me and a friend got in a fight and I felt like it was all my fault so I self harmed and it left a mighty scar.
  41. My favourite colour is blue.
  42. Unless im comfortable around you I wont talk, if I am I wont shut up.
  43. I can still fir into my year 6 leavers signed shirt.
  44. Id rather be comfy then look good.
  45. I cant imagine life without this blog.
  46. My veins say “Hi” backwards.
  47. Im more of a ill do it myself kind of person.
  48. I cant I Ieave the house without perfume.
  49. I hate when people say “Lol”.
  50. And FINALLY……. Only a few bloggers know my real name.

Thank god im done. Im so tired.

Good night ladies and gentlemen.


Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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