Lets Talk About Christmas!

Hey everyone, its A. Welcome back welcome back. We all know you miss me? Yes you do, dont lie.

Anyway, today lets talk about Blogmas. Oh yes, the month where I blog everyday leading up to Christmas. I must say you will not be disappointed.. Well you might, depends if you like Christmas or not.

So, its nearly December and quite a few people have put there decorations up which if thats you im very jealous. Home just feels more like home when the Christmas tree is up with lots of twinkling lights and mum baking cookies to dip in your creamy hot chocolate with whipped cream that is all the way to mount everest. Then take your cookies and hot chocolate into the living room with blankets on the sofa as you press play to Elf.

If thats not your ideal December day then…. Tell me what yours is.

I have rambled on way too long and I know you have skipped ahead Sorry.

So, my aim is to get you all in the festive mood. Maybe a guide on how to make the perfect hot chocolate or decorating your room.

If you are willing to try and be festive that definately tune in on December 1st.

Thats it for now.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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