Essentials For Christmas Food Shopping – Blogmas Day 2

Hey everyone, and welcome to blogmas day 2! Yesterdays post was just a smidge of festivity… there is more in store. Todays post is:

Festive Food Shopping.

For this post and tbis post only im going to be your human shopping list.

Ok, as we all know Christmas costs.. A LOT. With presents and then food shopping. Here are the essentials for Christmas.

1. Turkey… A very obvious one unless your vegetarian.

2. A lot lot lot lottt of sweets and drinks… We all go a little crazy with the sweets and drinks every Christmas…well I do.

3. Christmas crackers.. That snap of christmas crackers we hear every Christmas and finding a little toy inside which if you have siblings we would look on the back of the box saying which one we wanted.

4. Whipped Cream. HOT CHOCOLATE!! Obviously, cant go wrong with a cheeky hot chocolate.

5. Christmas Cake.. I dont actually like Christmas cake. I can hear you all with your pitchforks.. I like marzipan just not the actual cake.

6. Pigs in the blanket…. best part of the Christmas dinner. Dont even argue with me on this one.

Ill stop at 6, I know you are all falling asleep which I need to be doing right now.

Anyway, I just a quick notice I will be uploading at 7pm British time.



P.S – Well done if you noticed that Christmas crackers arent food.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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