What Do IGet Him/Her?-Blogmas Day 3

Hey everyone, welcome to day 3. Todays post is about :

What Do I get Him/Her For Christmas?

We have all struggled on at least one persons presents so I thought I would make it easy for you.

Lets beginn…

1. Mum.

Either you could get a floral perfume or super comfy Christmas pj’s.

2. Dad.

Dads are quite hard. Either get him a gift set orif hes into games get him a game…or a mug.

3. Sister.

It depends the ages. If shes like 6, then dollies will do but if shes a teenager +… makeup.

4. Brother.

Also depends on age. If hes quite young then a simple nerf gun will do, but if a teenager then most likely headphones.

5. Best Friend.

If your best friends then you proberly know what he or she likes so just base it of that.

6. Classmate.

Sweets.. that seems to do it.

Anyway, hope that helped if not.. sorry

Ill see you tomorrow.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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