Winter/Christmasy Make Up Lok – Blogmas Day 4

Hey everyone, welcome to blogmas day 4! I know…. your surprised that ive kept it up. I know… im surprised too.

Todays post is :

Winter/Christmasy Make up Look.

Lets begin..

First, moisturise and prime like theres no tomorrow then leave that to soak in ans start on the eyes.

For eyes, also prime and put either a white or a pale colour all over. Then, pack a cranberry colour all over the lid and blend the edges. For definition, add a medium brown into the crease and if you want to get a bit saucy add black. Next, you couod add eyeliner or smoke out the lash line. And then leave the eyes for now.

To daface.. Add foundation then add concealer in a triangle under eyes, cupids bow, down nose and under contour area also the forehead… DONT BLEND..yet. Then get cream contour on cheek bones, perimeter of face and nose. Then blend.

Then set, and put bronzer and blush. Also highlight.. I recommend a golden highlight.

Now lips.. We are going for a dark colour.. Either purple or red.

And were done.If you do this show me on twitter.


See you tomorrow.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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