Christmas Festivity – Day 5!

Don’t you love it when you go shopping and here Christmas music being played….love it.

Anyway, today I went shopping for Christmas presents for my family and a friend I have already planned what im getting everyone except my brother.. He is the hardest person to buy for so.. I asked him. He said just get him Fifa points… I dont even know what that is. I guess its a Fifa thing.. Why points? When I used to play we picked a team and just played there was no choosing players.. I would suck at it if I played it now.

So, have you been Christmas shopping yet? Are your decorations up? Mine arent.. Ive got to wait until Friday and that breaks my little christmasy heart.

Tell me in the comments what is your favourite thing about Christmas. I would love to know.

I need to go now, see you tomorrow.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


One thought on “Christmas Festivity – Day 5!

  1. My brother is exactly the same, I have absolutely no idea what to get him and when he does tell me something he never sounds confident he actually wants it, it’s more like he’s said something because of the pressure but I don’t want to buy him something that he isn’t sure he actually wants because, what’s the point? I haven’t put my decorations up either.

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