Christmas Pamper Session – Blogmas Day (No idea)

Hey everyone, and welcome to blogmas day (no idea). Im not sure what day it is… the only thing that is hard about blogmas is keeping track of dates, anybody else like that?

Lets carry on with the actual post. Todays post is about:

Christmas Pamper Session

Oh my, that sounds like a really festive time. If you want to do this keep on reading.

1.The first thing to do is turn the heating on.. really simple and quite effective.

2. Next, make your bed then lay out some comfy christmasy  pj’s.

3. Once thats done light some christmas candles and leave that burning.

4. Now, run yourself a bath with a bath bomb also gotta have some bubbles.

5. When your in watching some Youtube or read a book. Do this for 10-15 minutes to let the fragrances soak into the skin.

6. Wash hair how you want to, I get out then wash hair.

7. Next, wrap up in a towel and apply a body lotion or body butter then go to your bedroom.

8. Once, you’re bedroom  whack on some christmas music and dry off.

9. Get your pj’s on and then paint your nails maybe a red or any colour really.

10. Lastly, just towel dry your hair then put it into two plaits.

I hope you enjoyed. This post will be going up quite early.

Anyway, ill see you tomorrow.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx






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