Top 5 Recommended Christmas Films – Blogmas Day 8

Hey everyone, welcome to blogmas day 8!  It is day 8 right? Im so lost.

So, I really like doing therd kind of beauty posts they are quite fun to write and possibly read but I know that not just girls read, men do too so I thought I would make a unisex one.

Todays post is about :

My Top Recommended Christmas Films To Watch.

1. Elf.

Elf is just amazing if you dont like it then… “You sit on a throne of lies”… I definately recommend it, I think its either PG or U.

2. Grinch.

The Grinch is quite a classic to me, it is quite funny but I dont recommend it to little children that might get creeped out by the Grinch.. I do recommend it for people 8-10 above.

3. The Christmas Carol.

There are many versions of this movie some ‘less’ scary than others. I dont think its scary but if you dont like themes of death and to be honest its quite a dark storyline but definately a recommendation.

4. Home Alone.

The first one is my favourite it is so funny to watch and definately a film to watch with family.

5. The Santa Clause.

Its one of the movies my family would definately watch closer to Christmas because its such a grest movie not exactly funny but entertaining.


Thats my Top 5 Christmas movies, comment your favourite.

Thats all for now… Oh wait no it isnt just a little reminder I will be doing collabs throughout blogmas, if you want to be appart of blogmas definately comment below or dm me on Twitter.

Twitter – @lifeas_a.

Now thats all for now.

See you tomorrow.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx



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