Secret Santa – Blogmas Day 11

Hey everyone, and welcome to blogmas day 11! So, a while ago I bought my secret santa present and on Tuesday I can finally give the present however I never took into account that I would get a present. However, I really dont think that I will get one. Why? you may ask well ill tell you.

Ive done secret santa before many times but out of all of those times ive only ever recieved one present and that was in year 5. In year..9 I think my tutor did secret santa. Just imagine that you have given your present but you never get one because the person who was supposed to do your present said “Im not doing it” not because she couldnt it was because she was too selfish to.

That girl is on my course but gladly she isnt doing it this year.

We also are having a movie and we have to bring in food, dont plan the party if you cant get the food. Im just excited about giving the present. I might as well tell you what I got.

Well, it is a Dove pampering moments collection with ;

A caring bath almond cream with hibiscus moisturising cream.

A purely pampering nourishing body wash.

A soft feel dove anti-perspirant.

And a purely nourishing lotion.

It also comes with a really cute bag. Im proud of my present and its for the person that comes in the lessons so not a student.

Are you doing secret santa? What did you get?

Anyway, thats it for now.

Ill see you tomorrow.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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