Disasted Christmas Story – Blogmas Day 12

Hey everyone, welcome to blogmas day 12! Theres only 12 more days till Christmas eve. Thats just crazy. We wait all year for this month and then it flies by.

So, today I want to tell you a sad but kind of funny Christmas story… well it happened around Christmas. I dont know if Ive ever told you this.

Lets just start.

It was a few years ago and I had recieved a phone for Christmas, I was so happy but that night I didnt go to sleep and now it was basically boxing day at 6:30 am I needed the toliet and I thought I might as well bring my phone with me.

You can see where this is going cant you. So I take it with me and surprise surprise I dropped it in the toliet. I only had that phone for 24 hours. I told my dad then cried in the bathroom. However, because my dad is amazing on New Years day he bought me another one.

I still take electrical items to the bath, toliet basically anywhere. I already know im getting a phone for Christmas and lets just hope it doesnt happen again.

Also, the reason I bring anything electrical with me is because my family have no idea about this blog and Im not taking any chances that they will snoop on it and find my blog. Anyone whos anonymous and their family dont know must be the same..

So, thats my story. Do you have any embarrassing or funny stories that happened around Christmas time.

Let me know.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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