A Sleepy Mistake Storytime – Blogmas Day 16

Hey everyone, welcome to blogmas day 16!

Todays post is another storytime. And this is called….

A Sleepy Christmas…

It was Christmas eve, every year I struggle to sleep but its only because of the excitement. So, I decided not to go to sleep. That is not a good idea……at all.

Skip forward a few hours, I have basically woke everyone up and went down stairs to open the presents. Im so excited that I dont care about sleeping so I just play with what I got.

Dads cooking Christmas dinner while I have a little rest on the sofa. Completely missed Christmas dinner. I love Christmas dinner is the best thing.

I was so annoyed with myself that I missed it.


If you learn anything from this then learn DONT STAY AWAKE ALL NIGHT! ITS A STUPID IDEA.

Anyway, ill see you tomorrow.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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