Hey everyone and welcome to blogmas day 17! Just think 1 week from now it will be Christmas Eve…. Thats crazy.

Anyway, todays post is about….

How To Get To Sleep On Christmas Eve.

I struggle to sleep on Christmas eve, maybe because I eat wayyy to much sugar but also because of excitement. So, here are a few way that could ease you to get to sleep.

1. A relaxing bath.

Just take an 30 minute bath at your perfect temperature to feel fresh because I know that I cant go to sleep feeling gross.

2. A warm drink.

Hot chocolate, tea… have a warm drink to get you sleepy.

3. Run.

A few hours before you want to go to sleep, have a run around… it helps..alot.

4. Comfy bed and comfy pj’s.

If you’re comfortable then its so much easier to fall asleep put a fluffy dressing gown down and lay on it. Pj wise, if you do put a fluffy dressing gown down  then wear something sleeveless. If not just wear something really comfy.

5. Lastly, put on a film that you have seen before, like elf. Nothing too action packed.

So, there you go, hope you enjoyed.

Ill see you tomorrow.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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