Hey everyone,  Im Annoymousblog101 and thegirlwiththeblogaccount has kindly let me write a post. So, thats what im doing. I have thought long and hard about what to write… I wanted to do a kind of storytime but not really.

Basically, im going to be telling you….

My Every Christmas Eve.

When Christmas eve comes about, my day is quite action packed. Every year me and my family go around to my aunties and uncles houses and give presents. But, this year we have changed it up a little. They are coming around my house which we have never done before.

Every year there is always a selection of food and drink which normally I never eat because I feel super uncomfortable eating at other peoples houses but since this year its my own ill eat it all.

After they leave, we will proberly put on a movie and then go to bed. And then ill struggle to sleep but then ill use my post called ‘How To Fall Asleep Christmas Eve ‘. Shameless self promo.

I proberly wont use it though…. Im not that excited this year because I know what im getting.

Let me now in the comments what you do on Christmas eve. I would love to know.

Thats it for me today. If you want to check out my blog then ill leave a link. Also, definately follow Thegirlwiththeblogaccount.

Annoymousblog101’s Blog.

Anyway, thank you to thegirlwiththeblogaccount for letting me on her blog. Thats it for now.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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