Secret Santa For Dummies (Collab With Girlwithablog) – Blogmas Day 18

Hey everyone, I did a collab with the ever so wonderful girlwiththeblog. Check out her blog, I definately recommend it. Anyway, enjoy the post.

Hi im the girlwiththeblog, a new contributor to this wonderful blog, if you like this then it would mean the world if you gave it a like and maybe head over to my blog for a cheeky follow? anywho back to my 3 ideas for secret santa

1. A christmas eve kit

This is a solid idea. Get a fluffy/comfy blanket (matalan have some really nice ones for £5 at the moment) then get a christmas movie or music album and a mug (again matalan do some cute ones) some hot chocolate packets and their favourite snacks (oreos are a popular choice) to create the perfect pack for  a cosy christmas eve.

2.Pamper hamper

This one can be customized a little depending on what they like. So generally a nice bubble bath or bath bomb , luxury chocolate (lindor or something)/ biscuits, posh drink (possibly tea or even wine)  and a candle of their prefered kind ( soft scents like meadow or fresh linen are always good)

3. Pjs or comfy clothes

Tip 1 ALWAYS get it in the size medium, if its too big then thats fine because they dont need to be tight fit, and too small then you’ve offered a compliment . Good choices are things like joggers and hoodies, because tbh I dont know about you but I never buy pjs or things like that myself because I never remember. Another good idea is a dressing gown because they are amazingly comfy and everyone’s friend.

Thank you for reading I love you loads just for that, please like if you like, comment if you have other ideas because it’s always a difficult decision and yeh





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