Top 3 Tins For Christmas – Blogmas Day 21

Hey everyone welcome to blogmas day 21! Only few more days until Christmas!!! But theres 4 more then blogmas ends. I cant even believe that I have kept it up this long. You guys know me, I give up quite easily but, with this I didnt which im so happy about. Be honest, who thought I wouldn’t be able to do it? Yeah, I see a few hands…

Every Christmas I’m pretty sure everyone has a tin of chocolates or sweets, but in my case..both which pretty sure everyone has. My point is, what ones?!

Lets talk about that….. (Who knows who im referencing)

In every collection of sweets and chocolates there but be….. Roses.

Its a staple and so obvious.. however I dont like them that much, I like a few of them but not many.

Celebrations… This one is proberly one of my faves, its got everything you need…chocolate wise.

Heroes…. Heroes are amazing its got some great chocolates in there…

What other tins do you think ive missed?

See you tomorrow

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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