Life Update – Blogmas Day 22

Hey everyone, wepcome to blogmas day 22! Just a quick notice, if you read Viola’s blog you know that she is doing blogmas for the Christmas week. Since she posted on my blog, I asked her if she wanted me to write for her blog she said “sure”.Basically expect a post going up on Friday.. Its very jokey.

Anyway, today I thought.. lets take a step back from Christmas posts and I thought I might as well give you an update on life.

Today for me is Wednesday.. and Im a bit worried about my health. Im not eating properly.. Ill have one meal a day and hardly anything to drink.. Today Ive had two chocolate bars and a 250ml coke which I havent finished. I need to start eating properly..

For a new years goal I want to eat more and be healthy. I want to plan posts and exercise at least twice a week.

I used to love to eat but not so much anymore… Im sure im being stupid but thats whats on my mind.

Onto a happier note, Im thinking about taking this blog more serious because I really dont take it serious. Its something I do for fun and its great. When im 21 I want to get a tattoo to remind me of my blog and how much it has impacted my life.

What else can I tell you… Im looking at a chocolate bar wondering if I want to eat it.. I dont think I want too.

Theres an update for you, not much of a spirit lifter but its life.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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