Making New Years Resolutions

I’m A. And I run the blog Annoymousblog101, if you didn’t know, now you do.

Sooo, its nearly 2017! And with that comes a lot of resolutions that no one sticks too, well I certainly don’t. But that will hopefully change.
Next year, I want (correction – *will) to be more out there as in not hide in the shadows all the time.
Next year, I will have at least one healthy meal everyday.
A lot of the resolutions evolve around this blog and so it should. Lets just say, I will be doing some interesting posts and interacting with you all more because I didn’t do enough of that in 2016.

I want you all to know that making resolutions doesn’t have to end in failure set yourself small targets and take it one step at a time, by doing this you are way more guaranteed to succeed.

With that, ill end this post. I hope you all enjoyed this post and make sure to comment what you WILL do I 2017.

I’ll see you in 2017!

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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