What To Expect In 2017!

Welcome back to my blog! Its 2017, and this year will be non stop focusing on the blog. Look forward to new series, more stories and possibly videos?! Yes, you read it right… Videos.
This year will be forever be remembered as the year A actual tried hard. Maybe at the end of the year ill actually be nominated for an award at the blogger awards.
I also want to get more into beauty this year, maybe a no mirror makeup challenge where you will see me stab myself in the eye multiple times..fun.
This year I want take this blog a step higher. Decorate the site make it look professional when I’m no where near one.
Basically what I’m saying is I hope you are looking forward to new posts and a lot more positive me.
No negativity on this blog this year. All smiles up 😃.

One more thing before I end this post, I wont be posting daily. I’ll post every few days at a specific time which is 5pm.

I hope you all have a lovely new year, keep up your resolutions.

P.S – My site has been decorated by the gorgeous Viola, I’m really happy with it. Follow her, she is amazing.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


14 thoughts on “What To Expect In 2017!

  1. I finally got in! Hurray! I tried Safari instead of Finfoex.Tharks so much for the wonderful interview with Kaleo. I really enjoyed learning more about him.And thanks, Kaleo, for your kind words about the stories. I have listened up through through the first big kiss, and I think Kaleo did a fantastic job. One can't help but be nervous about something like this, but I am not only relieved, I'm over the moon with how much I am enjoying the story.


  2. MIchael skriver:Av de pengar som staten skänker till forskning är det bara 20% som gÃ¥r till forskning resterande 80% gÃ¥r till ma¶sandkfÃÂrring av läkemedel. Det indikerar att det är viktigt att folk tror att de behöver läkemedel – inte huruvida de behöver det eller inte.


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