Body Confidence

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog! If you have been here for a while you may have read my insecurities post. At the time of that post I was very insecure but over time those insecurities have faded away.
I wouldn’t say I’m 100% happy with my body, but who is?
You may be really young with so many insecurities but as time goes by those insecurities became something that doesn’t faze you.
Hey, I used to be insecure about my teeth, my eye, my belly… ect.
Why those things? Well, lets start with my belly region. I’m skinny. When I stretch you can see my ribs, and to me that is horrifying. I eat a lot of crap but it doesn’t effect my width. Now, I don’t care. So what that I cant gain weight easily.

Okay, next on the list is my eye. Only one eye, I was born with one of my eyes turned slightly inwards and it especially shows when I’m tired. But now, how cares? I don’t.

Next, is my teeth. Honestly, my teeth bothered me for the longest time. I’m not perfect in anyway and I’m definitely not going to pretend like it us.
Now, I make weird faces and love it.

There is one thing that I love to do, but some people hate that part if there body.
I love my double chin, well I don’t techniqually have one but I do love to show it.
I can make some great faces with that double chin.

I’m proud of my body, of how weird and unique it is. Everyone judges everyone for how they look. If you see that one person who just judges everyone… Get that double chin out and make faces at them. I would do that.

At my college, everyone in my course has had sex. I haven’t and I feel really insecure that I haven’t. But then I think about it… I’m only 16! I shouldn’t be doing those things so early. Yes I’m legal to but doesn’t mean I should.

I’m happy with who I am, and you should be too.

And with the post coming to an end, I would just like to say. I love you all very much and ill see you again soon.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


8 thoughts on “Body Confidence

  1. Hey! I’m 16 too :). It’s nice to see body confidence, it took me a while to feel the same way as well. Our society and big companies profit from these insecurities.

    I wouldn’t worry about not having had sex haha-you will do. And it’s good to wait until you meet someone who will treat you with respect. It’s hard growing up though-I’m not finding it too easy either! X

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  2. Nice to meet you! Society does try and portray a certain body image and make it seem if you’re not like that then you’re ugly which is not true at all.
    I’m not worried about not having sex, it rather wait then force myself to do it.


  3. YAS Gurl love yo’self! Honestly, for me, people who are confident in themselves are way hotter than people with physically fleeky features. And as a person whose face won’t budge and can’t shift shape in anyway, I love it when people can make weird faces! I feel so good for you! You GO GURL!

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  4. Ray, you are close in that it is a ba&taet#8211;whlt in Star WARS isn’t??? But no…good guess.Struggling writer–you are closer yet since you named a particular thing in SWs. HINT–these things are machine but inspired by something found in nature right here and now!


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