Interview With Em -NEW SERIES

Hello everybody, and welcome to a new series! By the title you can already guess. This series is where I interview bloggers asking them questions about anything and everything blogging.

The first blogger interview is with Em! Also known as LyfwithEm. Definitely follow her blog she is amazing!
Without further ir do here is the interview…
Me : How does it feel to have such an amazing blogging family?

Em:  One word. Amazing. Before I began my blog, I would never have imagined that having a network of people, some older, some younger, from all areas of the world, could be so inspiring. Every single day I am inspired by the posts, the photos and the journeys I am taken on just in a few words. More than that, I am compelled to live my life better because of these people. I read about those who are struggling, as well as those who are in the highs of life, and together we get through the rough times, and also enjoy the good times. I am blessed to have made so many strong friendships, and I would not be where I am today if I didn’t have these amazing people in my life. The support I have received during my time has been enough to keep me going, and strive for better in myself and in my life. The blogging community is amazing, enhancing and wondrous. I am so glad to be a part of it.

Me : How long have you been blogging for?

Em : I started my blog in August 2015, when I was on holiday in Florida, at a time when I needed an outlet and someone to talk to more than ever. A year and a half later, and I’m still here. Typing away. My blog has grown. I have grown. And in the past year and half I have learned so much and experienced so many different things. I’m not proud to admit that I took a long break this year, whilst dealing with some difficult struggles, but I’m back, and 2017 is going to be a year filled with blogging.

Me : Who in the blogging community has impacted your life the most, and why?

Em : Goodness me, I don’t think I can name a person. How can I, when everybody is so motivating, kind and always spreading positivity? I can name a few – Elm, Luna, Georgie, Reine, L, Em, Selfie, Ash, Chloe, Hideaway Girl, Anna, A K A the Author, obviously you, Flawed Silence, Emily, and so, so many more. I feel bad not to be able to name everybody, but I’m half asleep and have probably left some very important people out! All of these people are constantly building me up, showing me the good sides of life and making me smile every day. They’re there for me when I need them, and their posts always light up my face. I can’t pick out a single person, because that would be unfair to the many who work so hard and are so involved in this amazing community. Plus, I could never choose out of the dozens there are. Everybody impacts my life. Every single post I read, I take away something. Whether it’s just a few words, the general meaning of the post, or a good laugh – everyone impacts my life in some way.

Me : Obviously you have incredibly supportive followers, have you had any hate?

Em : Not that I can remember. I don’t think I’ve ever received any direct hate. If I have, it’s not something that’s stuck in mind. I think that in this blogging world, everybody is so lovely and we have a very close knit community. I think hate would only take place if someone from the outside got in, and in my experience that hasn’t happened. I remember once, I had a misunderstanding with another blogger, which obviously wasn’t hate, but I felt so bad because it was my fault. I hadn’t explicitly done anything, I’d just been unaware of something and caused a misunderstanding. That wasn’t hate, but I’d felt very guilty and upset about it at the time! I think if anyone started receiving hate, they must let their followers know, because we’d all be there to stick up for them! And they mustn’t let it get to them either. Those who hate are just trying to bring you down, for no other reason than they are unhappy in themselves – something very important to remember when online.

Me : Have you ever thought about doing beauty, hauls and going down that route?

Em : It isn’t something I’ve spent a great deal of time considering. I mean, it has passed through my mind a few times, but no more than that. I’m not that into beauty, and definitely don’t see myself as being any sort of beauty guru. I’m the type of person who needs to learn off other people before I can do that myself. My blog is more of a place where I can express myself. If, one-day, I think that yes, today is the day to do an eyebrow tutorial, or something like that, then by all means, I won’t hesitate. I’ll do it. But I don’t think my blog could ever become completely beauty focused. I’m definitely more of a lifestyle, personal type blog where I just spill out my feelings and hope someone is reading.

Me : Fantastic! The interviews done. Thank you so much Em for letting me interview you 😊

Em : You’re welcome! I enjoyed it. I hope your readers like my answers 🙂

And that was the interview with Em! I’ll definitely link her blog down below with all of her social media’s. I hope you enjoyed this interview, there are many more to come.
Also, this is a weekly Friday series at 5pm.
I’ll see you soon.

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Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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