Interviewing Bloggers – Allie M!

Hello everybody, welcome back to the new series where interview bloggers! This weeks guest is… Allie (also know as
thewonderouslifeofalliem) I had alot of fun interviewing her, and if you would like to follow her ill link her blog and her social media details at the end of this post.

Without further or do, lets begin this interview..

Me : Okay, there 5 questions and here’s the first one.
How long does it take you to write your posts?

Allie : It does depend. Sometimes I’ll save one and go back to it later, but usually anywhere from half an hour to an hour, after editing and making a featured image if I decide to.

Me : What blogger that you have met through your journey has put the biggest impact on your life?

Allie: Oh..hmmm, that’s a great question! There are actually several, for example my best friend Jo who is always there for me and is so accepting of me. There’s Selfie (shoutout to my wifey) and Trish, a fab unicorn, and so many others I’m grateful to because you’ve helped me feel better so many times, if its by reading your posts or talking directly.

Me : What sort of blogger would you consider yourself as?

Allie : Well, not a beauty blogger definitely. And I don’t post Lots of stories or poems. I guess it’s a little bit of everything. Sort of rogue but I love developing connections with my readers. Mostly I just want to write what makes me happy and what makes others happy, or think about a topic.

Me : In my opinion you are quite a talented blogger, do you think up posts on the spot or does it take time?

Allie : Aw thank you! I get the ideas for my posts randomly and plan it out during the day then write them, usually in one sitting.

Me : And finally, what would you be doing if you never started your blog?

Allie : I’m not sure. Perhaps focusing more on the books I’ve started and writing other stories and posting them to wattpad or something. Or have a fandom account on instagram, or invest time in another online hobby. Im glad I joined blogging though, I think it fits me most.

Me : And were done thank you for letting me interview you.

Allie : Awesome, thanks for letting me be in your series!

I hope you enjoyed this post, Allie’s links are down below.

Blog :
Twitter : @loco4chocopuffs
Instagram : wonderousal

Definitely follow her blog, she is an amazing writer and very inspiring.

Thank you for reading and ill see you soon with another post.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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    1. Me dio en toda la &#m8;0;pechuga&#22212co8o dicen por ahí. Hace mucho que no oía a Mercedes Sosa y como estoy tan sensible por ésta epoca, todo me dice algo.gracias.No te ha pasado que you tube. se para mucho,se corta, se demora, o será mi pc?el hecho es que por eso no los abro mucho.


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