Serious Talk

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog! Today is a pretty serious post.
Lets talk about eating…

Recently, I haven’t been eating as much as I should and lately I’ve been seeing my ribs show more and more, and that scares me.
I know I’m hungry but I don’t choose to do anything about it. Im that stupid.

Im starting to worry myself, I tell myself “You need to eat” but I just sit there..
Its just proberly a phase that will go away.

Do you guys ever think or do this? I know this is a bit negative but I’d rather put it out there then not tell anyone.

Also, I’m starting to feel sick everyday but I don’t think that’s anything serious.. I hope anyway.

Im not am sure why Im making this post, its not something I ever talk about on this blog.

Let me know if you’ve gone through this and is it just a phase?

I don’t want to worry any of you. 💙

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


4 thoughts on “Serious Talk

  1. If you aren’t eating because you don’t feel like getting food, maybe try keeping some snacks near/with you! You might be feeling sick because you haven’t been eating. Stress can also cause a loss of appetite. Maybe try taking small steps by eating small snacks (preferably healthy because it won’t upset your stomach as much!) and hopefully you’ll start to feel like yourself soon ♥


  2. This sounds worrying…knowing you’re hungry but not wanting to eat is a problem. It plays around with your health a lot more than you think, so try to eat something before it gets any worse. I’ve been there – so I really understand how you feel. We can talk anytime you want ❤

    (Btw – so glad I found your blog. I love it 😊)

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