Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog! And today I want to just have a casual chat to you all.

Soo, what been happening in my life? Well, not much. Sorry if you were expecting a whole essay but I haven’t been doing much.
On Thursday I went to a health person and spoke about anxiety, you would know  this if you follow me on Twitter 😖.
I was having a absolute mental breakdown of going to the health thing and I mistakenly documented it on Twitter.. Why was it a mistake? Well there were many tweets of me just panicking and basically me saying “I actually think im going crazy” because it was getting so intense.
But, I went after speaking to some lovely people.. Viola, Elm and Ocean (thelifeofananxiousteen) they really helped and I would just like to thank you for that.
After I calmed down I started stress eating till 2:30 in the morning.. Fun..
Also, whenever I talk to anyone you may notice I do alot of ‘…’. I do that because it adds a pause and also mostly means im being sarcastic.
What else is new? Uhh, Im quite close to a few bloggers but that has been going on for a little bit.

I made a post about how I wasn’t eating and I just want to make an update about that post. Im fine now, I am eating again but I just don’t finish it.. At least im eating.

Im not sure if there is anything else new.. Also im really glad that you all are enjoying the weekly Blogger Interviews.. But I lost a whole interview which I still haven’t told the blogger about… Ill address it here then message him at some point.
Mit (Fibit)… We might need to do the interview again.. Sorry.

I think that’s it for the update. Unless you want to get into how college is… I still hate it. Except every Friday, that’s art day and were doing face painting yet I’ve only done it once on my face and it made my eyes tear up. And then there were some of my class just staring at me while I took my makeup off… That was quite weird.

Thats it for the update, I hope you enjoyed this post and also I hope you are looking forward to different bloggers that I will be interviewing.
See you soon with another post.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


2 thoughts on “Update…

  1. It’s more than okay – I’m always here to help, when if you need it! 🙂 Also, would you still like to do the interview with me? Because if so, then I’m around at any point. Oh, and I understand what you mean about eating; I’m similar

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