Hello. Im not okay at all. I know im not. Im depressed. A lot. This has been going on for maybe 4-5 days of just negative emotions and its got to the point im thinking about self harming.. Maybe it will make me feel better.

I just want to cry. This isn’t depression im sure its just a mood swing a really big mood swing.
If you follow me on twitter (unless you think im always happy and want to see my depressed side then head on over there. @lifeas_a)

On my twitter it is literally full of depressing tweets its not okay.. I don’t think I can take it anymore.. I cant explain how I feel.
Hating myself for taking it out on my friends. Just hating how I am right now. I don’t want to feel like this.. I might have to take a break from blogging until I somehow get over this mood swing.. 😩 I really hate myself so much right now.

My mum this morning said “You’re not happy”.. Well no shit. Im so fed up of this shit..

Im sorry for posting this but I cant keep on tweeting its getting stupid now.

See you all soon..

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


5 thoughts on “DEPRESSED

  1. Look, as much as you might not want to and as scary as it seems, tell your parents how you’re feeling. It took me so long to open up to my parents about how bad my anxiety is and I am so glad because I’m now being properly treated for it. Even if they don’t understand right away, it’s good to get the weight off your shoulders. Find someone who you can talk to. Lyss sometimes just sits on FaceTime with me if I’m having a bad day and even if I don’t say anything, it makes such a big difference to know she’s there. It’s also important to remember that your feelings are legitimate. I went through a period of time where I felt like maybe my anxiety wasn’t really bad and maybe it was fake and I was using it as an excuse. I nearly tricked myself into thinking that I made up a mental illness that was diagnosed by a professional. Even if this is just a mood swing, it’s so important to remind yourself that it’s a real thing and that you have every right to seek help for it. I hope you get better soon ❤️
    Best Wishes

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