Thoughts through my day

Hey. Hi. Hello. Welcome back to my blog!
Today I wanted to do a “Thoughts throughout my day”. I was inspired by Selfie to do this. Check out her lovely blog! Ill link it.

Selfie :

So without further do lets begin this post…
“Wtf did I just dream”
“What is that noise”
“F*** it’s the alarm”
“Meh, ill sleep a bit more”
“Its 8:09 I need to get up”
“Gotta brush”
“I feel fresh”
“Now to put my face on”
“Where’s my brush?, oh.. Im sat on it”
“Mmm, what lip colour”
“No thank you mum, I don’t want crumpets” 😂 So British.
“Wait, you want to buy me makeup?!”
“I need to get dresses now…”
“Mmm, what should I wear?”
“This makes me look like a potato”
“You can definitely tell I have boobs in this..Im not I want that”
“Where the fluff are my shoes?”
“I need to smell nice… Where’s my spray?”
” Oh f*** I forgot about my hair..”
“That doesn’t look good”
“Right now lets leave”
“Its not that cold today”
“What are those two cars doing..?”
“I hate walking by myself”
” I don’t like going down this way”
“Oh no, there’s a group of boys”
“Just walk quickly.. Walk faster”
“Don’t fall over and draw attention to yourself”
“Oh there’s J*****”
“Oh my, her hair looks amazing”
“Please let the automatic doors open when I walk by” (Yes there have been some cases where they didn’t open for me)
“Oh my god yes! A empty corridor!!”
“Oh no, is this one not going to open”
(As I went up to open the automatic door it opened)
“I have superpowers”
” YAS, the doors opened”
“F*** my life, there’s so many stairs”
“Maybe I should connect the WiFi, it also makes me look like I have friends… BONUS!”
“Should I tell this lady her shoe is untied?”
“Na, im sure she’ll trip over and find out herself.. A.. You have a messed up mind”
“No ones here… Great..”
“Why won’t it let me log in?!”
“Ill just switch to the one beside me”
“That means ill be closer to where those girls normally sit… FML”
“Yes! This one works”
“Oh.. My button has undone…”
“Hahahahahaha… Did he literally just say “Where the hole?” Hahahaha.”
“Can I go?”
“Ill just walk out anyway”
“Why are those boys staring?… Oh my button got undone again..”
” Well that’s embarrassing”
” Hi ho. Hi ho. It’s off to home we go”
“Im 100% eating some Roses when I get home.. I don’t really like them that much”
“Hello mother”
” Oh, you’re ill”
“Stay away from me then.. Im actually a bit ill too bit still”
“I think im going crazy, yesterday I was singing so badly and talking to myself”
“Lets make me look uglier than I already am”
“Well im not sure that’s possible 😂”
“Oh no, I’ve made a huge mess”
“Crap, I’ve stained the whole of my hand”
“If anyone asks… I’ve got a weird rash”
“Ill take a picture of this..”
“Ill watch some GMM”
“I proberly need to write a blog post”
“Should I ask Selfie if its okay for me to basically copy her post?”
“Umm, but I don’t know how to word it”
“Ill ask later”
“Okay, now right down the things you’ve thought today”
“Am I that boring…?”
“I should proberly but my makeup back on”
“I look terrifying”
“At least make your hair look good”
“Okay, when you’re curling your hair this time… Don’t f****** burn your hand”
“Haha, I can see my bra.. That’s way to inappropriate to put in the post… Meh”
“Is it hot?….Yep, yes it is… And oww”
“That’s a pathetic curl”
“I smell burning..Yep that’s me”
” I feel fat”
“I’ve got to be go to college in 15 minutes.. ☹ ”
“Ahh, that curl was satisfying”
“I love my socks”
“Done curling my hair”
“I don’t look any better..”
“Its just annoying now”
“I wonder if anyone will turn up.. Or the teacher will be in”
“Ahh, tucking in my checkered shirt makes me look cooler”
“I should get up…”
“How the f*** did Marvin Gaye start playing… I didn’t even put it on”
“Crap, I broke the zipper… Now it looks like I have a bulge 😂”
“Im switching trousers”
(Goes to mirror)
“Ahhhhh, I look dead”
” I NEED to put makeup on”
“Ill do it in my break”
“Right, Rosanna im sorry but you need to get out my bag”
“Oh my god this is so heavy”
” Great, I sound like I have musical instruments in my bag”
“Why is that dude in all black moving so slow”
“I feel so self conscious right now”
“Everyone’s looking at me”
“Im literally grey”
” There’s boys there and I look like this”
“Am I taller than her?…Nope”
“I hate how I look right now..”
“Okay so there’s no spinny white chairs”
“Please don’t talk about death”
“Oh f*** don’t get depressed”
“Stop thinking… Don’t start being negative”
“Okay, its break now I can start making my face less disgusting”
(Looks in the mirror)
“Ergh, you are ugly”
(Tries to blend foundation)
“You’re never be pretty”
“FML… Im now depressed about how I look… Stop this!”
“I hate my skin..”
“Just hide your face”
(And I did, if I even showed a bit of my face I felt like I was too exposed and it made me feel worse”
“Why are you even starting to cry… pathetic cry baby”

After this it got super depressing and I went home.
Im sorry that it was quite depressing..
I don’t want to look at myself in the mirror, tomorrow im going to have to go to college looking like an ugly cow.. Its no different from usual.
☹ Im sorry.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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