Valentines Day Group Bloggers Interview

Hey everybody, welcome back to my blog!
Today is Valentines day and in celebration (there’s nothing to celebrate) I thought I would do a whole group bloggers interview.
There are quite a few bloggers. Such as ;

• Elm
• Sav
• Caitie
• Ocean (Sarah)
• Selfie
• Allie M

I wont be putting all of there social medias because that will literally be the death of me.

Anyway, lets begin the interview..


Elm : Completely, and horrifyingly. I was 11, at one of the infamous ‘blind camps’ I go on, and there was a boy there who I’d met the year before. Long story short, we got together (as 11-year-olds do, you know, by a ‘do you like me?’ and then running away, and with various nudges of ‘do you like him!!!’ from friends). I count that as my first proper crush, although I had tiny ones in primary school – most notably on one of my best friends, and I only realised I supposedly .’fancied’ him after we left for secondary. It was tragic.

Sav : To be honest not really. I’ve had many in my time (which I never had a chance with anyways) but I cannot remember the one person that I consider my first crush.

Caitie : Sadly. I have been a hopeless romantic since Pre-K.

Selfie : Hmm…well, I remember that I used to have tiny crushes starting from 1st grade ( I have a record of 17!😂) However, I consider my first real crush to be this boy who was kind of a family friend? It’s hard to explain but yeah, we went to the same school and i made him my ‘cousin’ but that’s a completely different story.

Sarah : Yes, he was Irish and it was in year 3. He had brown floppy hair and let me play Hermione when we pretended to play Harry Potter 😂.

Allie : Umm, yes. It was in first grade actually, and he chased me around the playground for hugs.


Elm : No, and I haven’t been for a while; the lines appear to blur sometimes. The person I was last in love with will forever remain someone special to me – I think someone like that can’t not – and I’m glad to have had that emotion relating to them. It was beautiful.

Sav : The words “in love” have certain connotations and implies a certain label which leads to pressure. So I don’t consider myself in love with anyone right now but I do have someone in my life that I love more than anything but in a different way to that label which is totally okay.

Caitie : Yes(3 AND A HALF YEARS WOO).

Selfie : Well, maybe. But feelings are hard to sort out. However, I do care deeply about a few people in my life and what I feel for them is nothing short of love 😊

Sarah : No, there is a possible crush but nothing massive.

Allie : No, I don’t think so.


Elm : Oh my goodness – this is… Interesting. I count my first proper kiss as being in the summer of when I was 15 – a year and a half ago now – with a boy who I’d known for 5 years at that point. He came round to mine (he lives 5 hours away or so) with another really good friend of mine and it was an amazing day with both of them. Said friend went to the loo, and the other boy and I kissed – for the life of me, I don’t know who initiated it: I still couldn’t tell you. It just happened, and even for everything that happened after, it was a moment I’ll never forget and the memories that followed, even over a year later, will stay with me. When I think back to my first kiss, I smile out of fond exasperation at myself.

Sav : It was in September 2016 so I was quite a late to the party. It was at a party and I was with a girl who was flirting with me the entire time but I was totally oblivious until we sat down together and suddenly before I knew it it was happening and I didn’t really know what to do but I kinda just went with it. On the whole it was a good experience (despite me getting hair in my mouth) which had good timing due to the fact I was still hurting from a past relationship at the time so it was good to like finally move on

Caitie : So, I had a super big crush on this guy(who got a girl pregnant a couple years ago) and I told him I wanted to wait until I had my birthday to have my first kiss. A week before my birthday, he kissed me. It wasn’t that great of a kiss. It was very sloppy and wet, not my type of kiss. He was a stupid kid and I’m happy I don’t talk to him anymore.

Selfie : Ahhh goodness, I haven’t had my first REAL kiss yet. However, I’ve had an accidental kiss with one of my closest friends. It’s kind of funny actually. So, after play practise, a few of us friends were just chilling together at this cafe and this friend and I, we both were being super weird around each other. And we were just hugging and I felt this overwhelming surge of affection for her so I thought I would just plant a juicy one on her CHEEK (we do that normally anyway so it isn’t weird). Buut, it was a dark place, I didn’t realize that what I thought was her cheek was actually her lips 😂  So voila, our lips connected and when we realized what happened, we both sorta just screamed and then started laughing.

Sarah : It was with the Irish guy in year three. I was round his house and we were getting some toys from the attic. He kissed me on the lips, we then both said gross and laughed.

Allie : Yes, but I also believe you can have a “true love” with more than one person.


Elm : I don’t think that any love’s more true than any other, unless you’re lying to yourself that you are or aren’t in love with a person. If you’re properly, head over heels in love with someone, that you’d do anything for them, that’s just as valid as anything else. You can feel it multiple times throughout your life, but there’s no clean and pure and perfect version of love. Maybe true love is just realising that you can love someone to the stars and back, but that if they leave, you’ll love someone just as far the next time.

Sav : Oh hell yes I have a belief that in the supernatural world at first everyone was born with two heads and two pairs of limbs but because humans were too advanced the Gods split humans into 2 and the goal is to find your second half who can be anything to you in terms of their relations. I do believe that it exists and the universe has someone for everyone because I personally have someone in my life that fits me so well and I’m grateful for that.

Caitie : I do, because I’m a believer of fate, of how things are meant to happen, and the butterfly effect. I’m a cheesy person, but if fate does exist, shouldn’t true love?
But! I do not believe in love at first sight, because that seems like it’s just pulling at straws to find your “true love”.

Selfie : I most definitely do. True love is out there, and who knows- you probably have already found it.

Sarah : Yes, one day I feel I will find the right person. I think there are perfect matches for everyone.

Allie : Yes, but I also believe you can have a “true love” with more than one person.


Elm : I’m just trying to remember one I haven’t posted on my blog… There was this one time when I was 12 where, in Spanish, we had to do SALSA Dancing. Not only was that horrifying, but I had to “dance” with a boy who I had a rather large and superficial crush on: we were both terrible, it was awkward and I had to hold his hands (coincidentally, the closest I ever got to him.” Little Elm found this ecstatically amazing, but grown-up Elm is cringing because I also danced with another boy then. After that lesson, I realised – gasp! – I fancied the latter boy too! My life was a bloody soap opera it was ridiculous.

Sav : I can’t really think of one apart from my crush saying “hi, you alright” to me while passing me and me being unable to socialise I replied with a “hey, you alright, good thanks”.

Caitie : Oh my god! So in fourth grade, I had the BIGGEST crush on one of my friends but he wasn’t a friend anymore. My sister was dating someone with the same last name as him and I walked up to him in class one day and just said that my sister was dating his cousin and he said he didn’t have a cousin with that name and I ran off with my face all red and- AAEGH.

Selfie :
sorts through an entire mountain of embarrassing moments Okayyyy so- last year, I was walking home from school and my ex(?)- crush (who has now moved to Finland fuck you), was walking right behind me. Being the attention-seeker/ annoying brat I am, I purposely dropped all the bags I was holding (I had like. 4 that day for some reason), in hopes that he would notice and try to help me and then we would lock eyes and then we’d love each other forever (yup). However, he ignored me but I KNEW that he had noticed me. In fact, when I dropped my bags, he walked past me quicker than ever. I was super disappointed wondering what had I done to drive him away.
I go home, and I catch a glimpse of my skirt in the mirror. A. FUCKING. HUUUIUUGE BRIGHT RED BLOOD STAIN.
I wanted to dig a grave for myself when I remembered how I bent over, and gave my crush full view of my bloody skirt when I dropped my bags in front of him.

Sarah : There was one girl I had a massive crush on, and on Valentine’s Day I put an anonymous card in my bag. She thought it was from a guy and even asked me if I knew who it was from. That was awkward having to tell her.

Allie : Hmm well, on my tenth birthday about six or seven of my friends came over and after we had cake and games we thought it would be a good idea to prank my somewhat boyfriend at the time, we went over to his house by jumping two fences and climbing a tree, then started ringing his doorbell and running away. Unfortunately we had forgotten he had two dogs and they went crazy at the sound of the doorbell. Then his mom came out and started yelling, we were all scrambling to get back to the tree and climb it so we could jump over the fence again everyone had at least one cut and the next day when my crush talked about it at school we all pretended we had no idea what happened.

Thank you to everyone that got involved. Im not sure if I missed anyone, if I did then could you tell me. Thanks.

Check out all the blogs, they are all so amazing and really talented bloggers.

Ill see you all soon.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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