This year..

This year has literally been the worst year of my life.. And its not even over yet. Its only February and I have been the lowest I’ve ever been.

And I don’t think 2017 is going to get any better.

At the start of January, I made a change with my blog and myself. My blog got redesigned and I changed my hair. I felt like this year was going to be a good year. And it was up until 1/4 though January when my mental health went down hill. And its been a rollercoaster ever since.

I took a day of college because it was too much. I hated how I looked and that was sparking a depressing stage in my life.

Now one thing you might want to know about me is I’ve always 100% throughout my life always felt ugly. One relationship I was in, he got bullied because he was dating me and that made me feel horrible. I’ve never felt pretty or beautiful ever because I’ve been told so many times that ill never be that. And I believed every word.
If anyone complimented me I wouldn’t just say “Im really not”.
Because I know im not.

I’ve learned to accept that ill never be that no matter how hard I try. This is so depressing and im already starting to get teary.

You all don’t know what I look like and its best if you never find out.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


3 thoughts on “This year..

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I know how it feels. I have to say, this hasn’t been the year I’ve been expecting either. But as you said, it’s still the start of 2017, which means there’s a lot more coming. I know how it feels to be called unattractive and I don’t necessarily like the look of myself either, but I know that in the future, I’ll look better than I do now and I’ll be stronger and you should remember it too. So what? I may be “ugly” now but once you see me in a few years, you’ll see a difference. The words didn’t kill me and they never will, in fact, they’re gonna make me stronger. 😊💪🏾

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  2. I am sorry you are going through a hard time. I wish I could cheer you up a little. I could tell you that you are beautiful and that the people who think different about it are not worth caring about but I know you probably won’t believe me. Well, I wouldn’t believe myself if I was in your position. After all, I am just a random person on the internet. But what I can tell you is to surround yourself with people that make you feel beautiful. I had a time in my life where I felt really bad too. I felt ugly and worthless but after I found new friends and banned all the bad influences in my life I started to feel better. If you ever need someone to talk to that you don’t know feel free to talk to me.


  3. Everything will better! And that’s so mean that the guy you were dating got bullied for going out with you. It’s his decision if he wants to go out with you or not and people need to accept that. You should be bullied by the people you date because not only does it hurt that person it hurts the other person as well. I’m so sorry and no one should have to go through that. As for the always feeling ugly, I’m with you. I always feel ugly, I feel like I look ugly and I feel like no one will ever like me. Just surround yourself with positivity and good influences. Hope everything gets better and if you ever need anything I will always be here ❤️

    Nira xx |

    Instagram: @_itsnira7
    Twitter: @_ItsNira


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