Rant/Life Update

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog!
Lets just talk. You and me. So, how are you? Are you happy? Are things a bit crap at the moment?

Me? Well im great. Except my sleeping pattern is absolutely screwed up. Ill go to sleep at 6:30 am and wake up at 3pm.
Fun fact : I just woke up.
Ill do that thing where I wake up again..and again..and again. But then fall asleep straight afterwards. But I need to fall asleep early today, at around 9-10pm because im meeting with my best friend tomorrow.
I said I wanted to go running, which I wasn’t joking about.
Im absolutely fine with my weight, but I have no.. How do I say it.. Basically im very weak. Well kinda.
Having no exercise is pretty bad for you, and I do want to change that but Ill look stupid if I do it alone, so im bringing Viola as well.

What else can I tell you all? Um.. My hairs kinda fading out but last night I had a dream that my hair had patches of blue and purple, which were what I wanted to dye my hair. When this pink faded out, ill definitely dye it to blue. It will fade to a green but I like green so im okay with that.

I haven’t been outside in quite a long time. Last Thursday was the last time I stepped foot outside. The weather has been so cold and just not nice, but today we’ve got a blue sky 🙆
Feels like forever since we’ve seen that, I kind of am looking forward to the summer because that’s when it gets so relaxing with the barbeques and the ice creams which I live for.

However, I do love winter as well. You don’t need to go outside so you can stay in with your hot chocolate screaming Christmas songs while the radiators are turned on.. I love heat! However, I feel the worst way to go is to be burned alive.

(I hear a toddler crying/whining outside) Wait.. now he’s talking really loud.. I can still hear him.
By the way, I know its a boy because it isn’t that high pitched and doesn’t sound like a boy but I know its a toddler because its making annoying sounds.
For all I know it could be my 18 year old brother who is literally the worst human on earth. I have a lot of hatred towards my brother.
1) He shouts all the time. Not always to the rest of the family but to online people over fifa.. He’s shouting all through the night.
2) You know how guys sweat a lot. Well he constantly smells of B.O and its disgusting. No joke,I hold my breathe when he walks past which is hardly ever because he doesn’t move.
3) He pushes me, punches me. Causes me some kind of pain just because I was there. I could be helping my mother pack away shopping and he would knee me in the back.

Well, I think that rant/life update is coming to an end. Im not sure what ill title this post.. Maybe what I just said ‘Rant/Life Update’.
Im going to eat healthy now.. Wish me luck with that, it usually doesn’t go well.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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