Hey everybody, welcome back to my blog! Today I want to talk about being a teenager.

I’m 16. And being a teenager isn’t that bad, its not the worst thing in the world but I wouldn’t go through it again if I had the choice too.

Lets talk about spots (you know those weird red things on the face? Yeah those)
I have quite a few, as a teenager normally does but I think the reason why I have so many is things that have been going on in 2017. My mental health, college and other things stressed me out so much. Im still stressed by not as much. Im more depressed now.
But spots are normal. It doesn’t make me different at all. I’m more human.

In the teenage years, many are likely to get into relationships. Because we don’t think the opposite sex (or same sex) has some kind of disease anymore.
I personally don’t think I should date anyone. However, a lot do date and that’s absolutely fine just don’t stand right in front of me and trade spit please. Many thanks.
Then there’s the heartbreak. Personally I’ve never cried over a breakup. Maybe im dead inside? Proberly.
Yes, I’ve cried over someone before but not after a breakup. Im like “Okay” and carry on my day. Yeah.. Im dead inside.

Relationships are okay, there’s just the chance of breaking up. And if you’re really good friends with some.. Just don’t. I don’t see why you would ruin a friendship like that. That’s why im super careful with who I like…. Shut up you. Yes you. You know who you are.
I just don’t see why you would want to get into something that’s going to go away soon. Wow.. Im seriously dead inside.

Of course some of you might have different opinions like “But its the fun in the relationship” well don’t hold onto to that so much, your miss it when you break up… Im a terrible human.

Im going to go now before I get myself into even more of a hole.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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